Thursday, December 11, 2008

Got In A Little Gift Making...

OMG! I actually got three hours to myself today! In the morning I cut out all the pieces to make two little bags...then movie watching in the afternoon with Mark...then time to finish them after dinner. There was a lot of --just a second, let me just finish this --going on, but I FINISHED THEM!!!!
The directions are here. One is for my mom and one is for my sister. I'm going to put a box of chocolate and a bag of homemade cookies in them. The chocolate factory is only about 35 - 40 minutes from my house and they are amazing chocolates! It's in Pennsylvania. The factory looks like an old barn and the store is this tiny little place that is wonderful. The chocolatier is a really nice man who always says hello as he passes through. Love Love Love that store! The Easter Bunny always gets his chocolate there and Santa usually makes a stop on his way to our house too. Great chocolate! Now that I know how fast these bags are to make I think I'll make one for Kellie's teacher with some cookies for Christmas.

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Kris said...

Nice bags! Funny how hard it is to get some alone time isn't it?