Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And My Confidence Builds Yet Again!

I was in my bathroom putting mouse in my hair to dry it and Kellie says "OH! Is that what you put in your hair to get it to do those crazy things?" mmmmm, aaaaahh, what ahhh crazy things are we talking about pumpkin? LOL What the hell is going on on top of my head for her to say that?! LOL Granted I've been known to sport a helmet head on occasion prompting Jason to tell me to go long for the pass, but I thought I had that under control! LOL Perhaps color isn't my only hair issue! Maybe I should just put a hat on my head and call it a day!

I'll be back later...I'm off to Joann's and Michael's with gift cards in hand and there is a CLEARANCE SALE going on! Yeah baby. And I want to show you what I've been working on till the wee hours. See ya later.


misschris said...

What kind of crazy things does your hair do?? I'm so intrigued now.

So jealous of the Joann's run. Can't wait to see your score...

Kris said...

Lol! Okay, maybe it's a typo, but I think your hair would do pretty crazy things if you put a mouse in it! I guess you meant mousse, but the thought of a mouse in your hair really made me laugh! (Ooops! Did I wreck the confidence thing again? Sorry Mary.) Jealous of your shopping run! Hope you got great stuff!