Monday, December 8, 2008

Ahhh, the Christmas Parade!

Yesterday was the Christmas parade in town. It was 30 degrees but felt more like 16 with winds from 25 to 40 mph. COLD! Very Very COLD! And like an idiot, I didn't want to bring my camera case so I just put my big lens on the camera thinking I wouldn't be able to get close to the kids...well, I was wrong so most of my photos came out blurry with a nice crisp background! rrrr. Anyhoo, here are some of the photos...
Miss Molly that flag twirlin' superstar!!!
She can no longer feel her face, or her feet, or her hands...but hey she's havin' fun! Do you see how the girls are only in these little t-shirts -- the teacher sent an email saying to wear coats, hats, gloves, etc while they waited their turn, but then when they got there she had changed her mind! She DIDN'T let them wear their coats while they waited TWO HOURS outside in what felt like 16 degree weather for their turn to march. And when it was their turn to march she wouldn't let them wear their flag team jackets because she wanted the green and red t-shirts to show! mmmm.
Miss Molly has RS so this was NOT a good situation for her. Her hands really hurt, she lost all feeling in her hands and feet for hours! She was using heat packs for a few hours after she got home. And didn't change out of her layers until she went to bed...two sets of long underwear (the super heavy duty ski kind), her marching band t-shirt, and her flag team jacket! Her ski socks (two pairs) and her Uggs. And every time I said "are you getting warm yet?" she would say "I'm getting there." Not a good thing. 10:30PM she said "well, I've got the feeling back in my fingers." Idiot teacher. Fashion before health I always say! idiot.

And then there was Jason, who hates Marching Band more than anything in this world, would not even look at me!
Especially once he realised that I intended to take his picture with not only his Marching Band uniform on but with a Santa hat on his head. Oh, he was not happy with me!

So of course I just kept snappin' away! :O)
The parade started at the corner of Main Street (basically right in front of the fire house) and went about two blocks - around the corner and ended at the town park. Very short, but not short enough in this cold! I love how the parade was basically around the block in town and every piece of fire equipment was in it!And feeling all small town nostalgia-y...

I bought Twinkies Saturday. Twinkies!!! Just the name makes me laugh. When I see a Twinkie I think of grade school and June Cleaver... And my best friend growing up who lived right next door. Her mother was June Cleaver. She always wore a dress with heels, lipstick, and a silk scarf tied in her hair like a headband. And when she vacuumed she was in heels. God I loved that! (My mom had "cleaning clothes" - no lipstick, probably didn't shower, and there were no heels to be found!) That's all I ever remember her doing though...vacuuming. Then she would take a bath in her RED bathroom with a DIMMER SWITCH!!! and after her bath she would take a nap before making dinner! Every afternoon she took a nap and a bath!!! Geez that woman was something!! As a child I thought she was amazing...Now...thank God she's not my mother! Can you imagine the anxiety you would feel when she came for a visit!


misschris said...

What a great parade! But I cannot believe that teacher making the girls go out in t-shirts. So wrong. I would have been livid! Poor thing!

Kris said...

Yes, the whole t-shirt thing was brainless! Perhaps you should say something so that something so ridiculous never happens again!

The world sure has changed a lot since June Cleaver reigned supreme! Didn't anyone realise that June was just pretend? I keep having to remind my children that The Simpsons isn't a documentry, it's pretend, (When they quote what happened in The Simpsons as a good reason to do something!) so maybe it's not that strange that women tried to emulate Mrs Cleaver.