Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What Fall?

Who cancelled Fall? All the leaves are gone and it's not even Thanksgiving yet! And it's been in the 50's! Are they playing Christmas music where you are?! It's making me insane! I have four Christmas lists on my fridge right now...What the heck happened to FALL?!

Molly is practicing for another play at school. It's this weekend. So of course the idiot drama teacher is having the entire cast and crew practice every night this week from 5pm until 10:30pm! Mmmmm. She should be in great shape by Friday. Last night she called me at 10:45pm to come pick her up so that by the time we got home and she got ready for bed it was 11:20pm and she has to be up and on the school bus by 6:50am. mmmm. Did I mention that I just love this drama teacher. Oh, and can she go to the all night coed cast sleep over party at the drama teachers house? Aaaahhhhh, that would be a N-O !!!! I thought we had that covered with the last play but apparently Molly thinks she needs to keep asking. Just in case I lose my mind and decide to let her go.

Well, my mom finally had her hearing tested...guess what? she needs hearing aids. Shocking. :O) I was talking to her on Saturday about how I want to have a pellet stove put in our living room. I was rearranging furniture trying to see if we could fit one. She said "I don't understand why you would want a telescope in your living room." LOL! When did you say that hearing aid would be ready?! LOL

This is the pellet stove we have in our family room....
I love it. We had a fireplace in our first house, but we hardly ever used it. It's so time consuming. I like the pellet stove because I can turn it on (with a thermostat) any time I want and have a nice warm REAL fire, but when I need to leave or go to bed I just turn it off again. Love that. It's really convenient. Anyway, I would like to put one in our living room, too but we just don't have any room for it -- well, we did until the man chair arrived. rrrrrrr. Speaking of the man chair...
You know how Mark's back has been a little shaky lately, well it went on Sunday. So now he is in real real bad shape. We went to the doctor yesterday and they gave him some stronger meds and he will have an MRI on Saturday morning. He called the surgeon to make an appointment and they can't see him until DECEMBER 2!!! He's a mess. And you know what that means...he's cranky! He's been yelling no, he's screaming, at the kids for every little thing. I keep saying "I know he's hard to deal with right now, but he's in a lot of pain and he will probably have to have surgery again. Try to remember that when he's being so unreasonable." Easy for me to say that but geeeeeez he is making me crazy too. I really do feel sorry for him -- I can't believe they are making him wait until Dec 2 just to be seen. Last time he had to wait about 2 more weeks after seeing the doctor to have the surgery. It's exactly like the last time but on his right side this time. The last time they fixed it it was a 2 week recovery. If they fuse it this time it will be a 3 month recovery.

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misschris said...

a telescope!!!! ha!

Those are late dress rehearsals. I'd have serious issues with that.

Poor Mark!