Monday, October 27, 2008

The World's Biggest Hypocrite...

That would be me...Ryan and Jason are junk food junkies. Ryan comes in to my room and says "Mom, can I have a doughnut for breakfast if I eat a banana first?" ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Ryan! You have to eat a healthy breakfast (such as cheese curls made with REAL cheese for instance --with that Banana)! I don't worry as much about Jason because he pretty much eats continuously and at some point he comes across nutritious food in the process of elimination. For Jason my coming home from the grocery store is like Christmas morning! Luckily, he has my metabolism (well, the one I had until I turned 38) and he can eat whatever he wants and still be skinny! It's incredible the amount of food a teenage boy can eat - and in disturbing combinations, disgusting really.

I am also the worlds biggest procrastinator! I knew over a month ago that I needed to get this finished -- I have to remake one of my little quilts this week taking step by step photos and write all the directions and have it finished and in the mail by Friday. It's craziness, but it's how I work best. It keeps me focused when I have a short deadline.

I thought I was going to be finished with these little ornaments/brooches today...

but I kept doing other things instead, so here they sit -- unfinished for a few more days (distracting me)

but I will have to put them aside as I get this mini quilt thing finished...

And this morning as Ryan was walking out the door to get the school bus "oh and mom, I have a book report due tomorrow and I have to make a diorama to go with it. Can you pick up a box for me today?" RYAN! That is completely unacceptable! You knew you had this report all weekend! We could have taken care of it then! Projects should be worked on and finished as soon as they are assigned! NOT THE NIGHT BEFORE! mmm. Definitely words of wisdom.

Well, I'm off to sew, photo take, and type because if there is one thing I do best -- it's getting things done right away! Now that I have had my nutritious weight loss diet of banana and coffee (with doughnut! hahaha - don't tell Ryan.)I'm ready to work...Have a great Monday!

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Levin (and Emily) said...

oh boy - did that strike a chord with me. i've had the exact same conversation with my daughter and come away thinking the exact same thing. i'm the worlds biggest hypocrite too!
thanks for making me laugh - again!!
your diet sounds fabulous - i prefer the donut to the cheesy things. i might try it tomorrow.