Thursday, October 2, 2008

I spent yesterday painting fabric.
I love painting fabric. If it hadn't been time to eat I wouldn't have stopped! I like how stiff this fabric gets when it's painted. It works really well for small wall hangings/ornaments that you want to be kind of stiff . It makes a nice base for applique and bead work because it maintains it's shape but I'm still able to stitch through it. When I hang the ornaments they don't droop from the weight of the beads. I also love puzzles -- but I become completely obsessed with them. I bought these when Kellie and I were at Target.

I started this one last night and here it is this morning....
It's bad...Once I start one I work on it almost continuously until it's finished. I was up half the night working on it. Not a good thing. I'm glad it's finished though because I want to paint more fabric today. My little tree is looking mighty I want to get some little Halloween ornaments made to hang on it. I like having this tiny feather tree up all the time. I decorate it for each season. It's tiny, maybe 24 inches high. So you can't put too much on it. But it's just enough to liven up this little corner.

And I will leave you with this photo of my new bush...

I think it's so pretty -- the new growth comes out red. I think that's kind of cool. Mark planted two of these next to the pond. I'm off to paint ... I hope you have a nice day.

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Kris said...

I love painting on fabric too. It seems as though everyone is being especially creative this week. (I'm sure you know this, but you can add textile medium to your paint for times you don't want the fabric to be stiff. It's amazing the difference it makes.)