Thursday, October 16, 2008

Had A Good Laugh....

I have to share with you how I got the majority of my felted wool...A few years ago I was buying a lot of hand dyed felted wool from this one lady. One day she asked me if I would help her work her booth at a quilt show. Sure. So off to Gettysburg, PA for the weekend to help out. She paid for my hotel, all of my meals and on the last day as I was leaving she said "take all of those bags over there of wool as payment for this weekend." Bags and bags (big black lawn size bags) packed full of HAND DYED felted wool as payment?! Yeah baby!!! that's my kind of job!

Sheldon the pin cushion urchin has picked up a new fashionable accessory for his's our star polyp! He's so funny. It looks like a hat of feathers...
He has so much junk attached to him now that it's hard to see him! They say that that is how you can tell that they are happy and healthy -- a lot of baggage! :O) He's very very happy!

And here is our newest fishy...

Took my parents to the doctor yesterday.

My Mom: Oh, I'm so glad we are going to the doctor today my chest is really bothering me.

My Dad: What's wrong with your chest?

My Mom: It hurts!

My Dad: What happened to it?

My Mom: I have a fractured sternum! and it hurts!

My Dad: How did that happen? in the accident?

I looked in the rear view mirror at my Mom and we both busted out laughing! Ah, yeah Dad she did it in the accident! Don't you remember all the morphine they were giving her? Did you not notice the pain she's been in? He didn't. Great. At least my Mom and I got a laugh out of it.


miss chris said...

Your felt story is crazy! You lucky girl.

Sheldon is pretty snazzy.

And you Dad? Oh dear. Your poor mother! LOL

Kris said...

Life is crazy, isn't it? Great one minute (free craft goods!) and appalling the next (dealing with your Mum and Dad who mostly act like your kids and not your parents!). Have a great weekend. Hope you get to play more!!!