Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So Jason came home yesterday and said "oh, by the way, I'm going to a concert this weekend so I'm taking off from work." Ahhhh, where is this concert and who is going? "it's in New York. I'm going with Tyler and Gilby." NEW YORK?!! How are you getting to New York?! "Tyler's mom is taking us. It's a two day concert and we are staying in Time Square." Okay buddy. Let's have a come to Jesus meeting...You are 16. You do not come in here and TELL me you are going anywhere. You ask. And unless I SPEAK directly with Tyler's mother and find out EVERY detail of this weekend I will not even consider letting you go. I don't even know this woman! Is she staying with you the entire time or is she some kind of nut who will be letting three 16 year old boys loose in New York city?! Is she going to this concert? How many rooms is she getting? I would assume two -- how much is this going to cost? Concert? Room? Food? "I don't know" Yeah, well maybe that would be a good place to start with all of my questions, huh? Eye roll. Big sigh. Lots of mumbling. YEAH! THAT'S RIGHT BIG GUY I'M STILL IN CHARGE -- I'LL BE TALKING TO HIS MOM - PERSONALLY - OR YOU'LL BE HANGIN' WITH ME THIS WEEKEND!! boys. Getting just a bit too big for his britches! I did tell him the other night at dinner when he was being a bit too bratty for my taste that I was not so old that I couldn't come across that table like a woman possessed and smack him in the mouth! "hahahaha, I'd like to see that." Keep it up pumpkin and you'll see just how fast I can move! Then I ruined it by laughing. damn it. Of course Molly making ninja sounds didn't help.


Kris said...

Ahh..... teenagers! They're the best, aren't they?

Levin (and Emily) said...

so, did he go to new york for the weekend? i would be very afraid too!
i found your blog through kris's - thanks for the laughs!