Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School Again == Already?!

Tonight is my first night of class for the new school year...Unfortunately, I haven't even looked at my machine since the last class three weeks ago. I'm going to have to dust my equipment and books before I start!
That's a problem! :O) So today I'm going to have a marathon practice day and hope that I can remember some code before tonight's class. Can I just tell you that I have absolutely no interest in this right now? not good.

Well the party for my parents went well. I did what I always do and ran myself ragged. I didn't even start preparing for the party until Friday. Friday and Saturday I made a cake, cupcakes, sugar cookies, choc chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, and candy for the party because I couldn't decide what I wanted. Then I cleaned like a crazy woman. Then I cooked all day Sunday. By Monday I was darn near dead! :O) The party was nice though. My parents seemed happy. It's actually kind of scary to be with them now because you can really see how confused they get and every little thing is hard for them to do. They were opening gifts and you could see how flustered they were. It scares me to realize just how old they are getting and that it wont be too long before hard decisions will need to be made -- and that they wont be with us forever. My sister had to practically scream at my mom to get her attention. Her hearing has been an issue for several years but she refused to accept it. I heard her say to my sister "boy, I think my hearing is getting bad -- I keep misunderstanding people today." TODAY????! GETTING BAD???! Today it was just the worst it's been -- it's been years!!! Her denial of it all is insane. She refuses to do anything about it because she doesn't want to admit that she is a "senior citizen"! She talks about how the old people get on her nerves and how she doesn't want to eat lunch at the Senior Center where she takes classes because of all the old people driving her crazy. I understand her not wanting to think about her age, but refusing to accept a hearing loss is dangerous! She still drives! How can she be a safe driver if she can't hear what is going on outside of her car?! Her hearing loss makes her vulnerable to all kinds of dangerous situations. It's very frustrating dealing with her and her stubborn personality. Sorry, I'm going off on a tangent....Anyway, can you believe I didn't take a single photo during the party????! Not a person...not a crab cake...nothing was photographed! NOTHING! What's up with that?!

So that brings me to today when I should be practicing all day and all I want to do is eat cookies, drink tea and play with my fabric, threads, and beads. The house is nice and quiet, it's a beautiful morning,there are lots of cookies to choose from, cupcakes to be had, and I have absolutely no interest in school work. This is definitely a problem. :O) I hope I don't skip school tonight~~I know -- it's only 9:23 am and I definitely shouldn't even be thinking thoughts like that. I'm in big - big - trouble. Have a happy day! I'm thinking that the best way to handle so many hard choices is that I should definitely have one of each kind of cookie AND the cupcake for breakfast on the deck. Yes, that's definitely the best plan of action today. Good. First decision of the day made. Now, which book to read all morning? Practicing?...I'm sure I'll get to that in just a little while. :O)


maggik1 said...

Oh, what a day! Love the way you blog about your life - makes me realise that I'm not alone in this crazy world! I've given you an award - this has driven me mad, BTW - but you deserve it!

miss chris said...

I've been catching up on your posts -- boy, was I behind! I hope Howard is continuing to recover. Did you make it to class?

Joanne said...

Hello Mary thank you for the wonderful comment you left on my blog.
It sounds like you had a hectic weekend that you need to recover from so I hope you enjoyed your cookies and then had the energy to go to class tonight.