Saturday, September 6, 2008

Go Away Hanna

Yuck! It's raining raining raining and I'm just trying to get all of my laundry finished before we lose power. The wind should be pretty crazy by 4pm so I'll probably be sitting in the dark all evening. I don't mind the TV not working -- but the kids will be bored and I wont be able to see to sew or knit and that makes me cranky! So here's crossing my fingers that we keep our power! The good news for us is that it should be out of the area before tomorrow. Oh, and did I mention that Howard will NOT go out if it's raining? Considering that it's been raining all day and that it is only going to get worse later this evening -- I'm thinking that this dog better get over his neurosis before then because if he has an accident I think I just may kill him! No, actually I'm certain that I'll kill him! :O) Talk to ya soon.

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