Friday, August 29, 2008

Records were meant to be broken

So my sister and I broke our own lunch marathon record yesterday...we had a five hour lunch with way too much tea involved. That's my favorite kind of lunch! We did a little shopping at the mall, too. I went to Crabtree and Evelyn for some of my soap because I was down to my last bar. I love this soap.

I'm worried that they are going to stop selling it. Every time I go in the display is smaller and smaller. Now it's off in a corner on one tiny shelf! I would be very very upset if they stop selling it!

Have you seen this video?YouTube - Bedtime for the Puppies!

This weekend is the big party for my parents so I'm off to the shops for supplies! Have a great weekend. Oh, I'm making crab cakes (Maryland Crab Cakes) from my mom's official recipe. She and my dad grew up in Baltimore so these are the real deal made the way her mom, and her moms mom made them. Just in case you are able to get crab meat and Old Bay seasoning, here is the recipe...


1 pound back fin crab meat (the lump is too lumpy -- trust me on this -- they fall apart)

2 slices of bread broken into small pieces (crusts removed)

1 egg, beaten

1 Tbsp mayonnaise

1 tsp yellow mustard (French's)




1 tsp Old Bay seasoning

Mix all ingredients then add the crab meat. Form into patties (I make about 4 patties for every pound of Crab Meat). Fry them in butter. Not healthy frying in butter I know, but trust me -- these are killer! (probably literally, LOL!)When I asked about the amount of salt pepper and parsley she said "just put a little pepper, salt and parsley in" so just put a little in. She's 82 okay?! :O)

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