Friday, August 1, 2008

My Hair, The Devil, And Crafting

So yesterday I had my hair done. She used a different color for the highlights this time so it's a little darker than usual.I say to Mark...

Do you like this color?

M: I don't know - how much was it?

HOW MUCH WAS IT? What does that have to do with it?

M: Well, depending on how much it costs will make a difference on how much I like it.

That's ridiculous.

M: Why can't you do it at home?

HAHAHAHAH! Right! Why can't you just golf in the backyard?

Silence...I guess I won. :O)

Then this (from this post) arrived in the laundry basket...

hmmmm, I'm thinking it was the work of the Devil. I kept hearing this voice saying..."put it in with the whites and bleach it, boil it, and bake it!" alas I resisted. hhhhhh, why must I be so dang weak?! ;O)

This has been all that Ryan wants to play with these days. He's grilled my poor dad more than once about WWII. "Boy Dad Dad you must have been amazing -- you didn't even get shot!" mmmmm. great!

So this big box arrived and Ryan and Kellie have been busy busy busy turning it into this lovely tank that has been living on my front porch all week!

Last night Mark and Ryan were walking around the block and these kids came up and said "Hey! are you that kid that made the tank?" yeah. "That's really cool dude!" So there you go. A celebrity in the family. :O) And what is it with the spacing on blogger?! It's driving me crazy. rrrrrr.


Robin said...

Love to see your kids making things with a big box. Reminds me of many happy childhood days. Hooray for creativity and imagination.

Jackie said...

They deserve to be celebs..what a triumph.

Kayla coo said...

My two made a big den out of boxes this weekend in the living room, it kept them happy for hours.
I then found the dog sleeping in there!