Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Has School Started Yet???!

So it's 1:06 am and my kids (Jason and Molly) finally went to bed! I'm suffering from a little too much family time. I'm darn near having panic attacks. If I'm on the phone...who's that? If I'm on line...what are you reading? who is that? who are you emailing? i'm just reading what you are writing. why are you looking at that person's pasta? who are those kids? aaaaaaahhhhhhh I'm starting to lose my mind!!! I took all four of them with me this morning to buy their school supplies ($250!!!!!) I hate school supply shopping. I had to get it finished though because it's August and you know what that means...they need to get rid of the school supplies long before the first day of school to set up the Christmas decorations! They already have the Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff out AND on sale! Oh, speaking of shopping...I went to the grocery store again this past Sunday and took Mark with me. I like to live on the edge...Anyway, we were in the 15 items express lane again and guess what???! The woman in front of us had 26 items!!!! Mark counted -- LOL! So he looks at me and says "do you see what I see?" I was already laughing! He says "is there no justice in this world? where is the express lane monitor? why isn't this person being accosted? can you imagine what this would have done to my good friend the wacko? she would not stand for this injustice! she would demand action! by god she would not tolerate this extra 5 minutes in the check out line -- no sir! she would be seizing on the floor at this appalling sight!" Can I just tell you I was wiping the tears and trying not to pee from the laughing! And Mark thought Jason should take his gangsta looking photo down off his myspace (it really is the dumbest looking photo I've ever seen) and put up something more appropriate like this...

Oh he may look mild mannered, but he's quite the grocery store hell raiser! LOL.

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pita-woman said...

Stumbled on your site while looking for other Great Dane lovers. Your dane's photo reminds me very much of our first dane Smokey, especially the big bold "eyebrow" above his left eye. Smokey had that same birthday cake toy too.

You're not alone, grocery stores are a great pet-peeve of mine too!