Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good Time To Be A Kid

Mark was soooo jealous! He wanted a turn in the worst way, but the box said no adults.

I think they said no adults because they were smart enough to realize just how ridiculous it would be to see a 44 year old man going down the hill on this. Not to mention what would happen to the little pool at the end....oh it would be ugly.

I'm working on this now...

It's a little busy, but I'm thinking I'll like it when it's quilted.

This is my favorite summer breakfast...

I saw this on Martha Stewart's show forever ago. It's a bagel with cream cheese and thinly sliced plum on top -- It's really good with thinly sliced peach too. yum!

Kellie got a new bike today because her old bike never worked right.

I should have taken it back, but I thought it was Mark's fault that it didn't work right --- sshhhhh, I probably shouldn't admit that. Anyway, we got her a new bike today and we took her up to the school so that she would have a large flat parking lot to ride on so that she could get used to it. She was on it maybe 45 seconds and said "hhhhhhh, can I go play on the swings?" WWWWWHAAAAAT? you don't want to ride your NEW bike? "naaaa, I did long enough." OMG! Mark was clearly having an out of body experience over that one -- you should have seen his face! So to maintain the calm I said "aaah, Kell, Daddy just got you this new bike so how about if we take it for another spin around the lot okay?" hhhhh, I guess so. rrrrrrrr - she can be such a pain in the patootie! I'm thinking the old bike may not have been the problem here...she is such a nervous nellie she had a death grip on the handlebars the entire time! oh I'm just so glad we spent the money on a new bike! just so so glad! :O[ rrrrrr.


Jackie said...

At least she wasn't playing with the box the bike came in and not the bike. We got our son a bike for his birthday once, it cost a packet, and my mum and dad got him a spaceman action figure ..can't rememebr what they were called..and it was all he played with.

Kris said...

Loooooooove the quilt! Just the perfect amount of busyness.