Friday, July 18, 2008

Un Sewing, rrrrrr.

This little mini quilt is kicking my butt! I'm using a lot of different fabrics (which is really unusual for me because I only like natural fibers in my minis) and that's been fun, but...

I used bias cut fabric for this stem, but the curves are really tight so they went down smoothly on the outside turns, but the inside are all puckered. rrrrr. and then I stitched about 8 leaves on the vine before I realized that they were just too small so I had to UN SEW!! rrrrrr.

I hate to UN SEW!!!! So I'm going to try again with some larger leaves, but this is making me not love this mini. I'll be so glad when I get to the stitching with floss and adding the beads and stuff. So on to a happier topic...

I love Hydrangea...

I love them because they are just so dang gorgeous with such a beautiful range of colors on each bush. And because my great grandmother, Mary Margaret Kelly, loved them.
Never met the woman, but my father talks about how great she was all the time! She was his favorite grand mother and somehow over the years it's made her my favorite, too. Anyway, when I think of Hydrangea I think of my great grandmother and beach cottages.
I'm thinking this shouldn't be breakfast, am I right?

Too Bad! It's just too dang gooood...

And I'm going to need my energy because like a dummy I told my kids we would go to the pool for the day and guess what --- it's going to be like 100 degrees and HUMID! That means the pool will be packed and I'll be hot and every kid will be jumping in and splashing me and I'll be very very cranky! waaaaah! I don't wanna go!
And what could this be in this ginormous box?!!

Why, it's our itty bitty little clam! He's only about 2 inches across.

Isn't he cute?! They can get like 12 inches! Yikes! but for now he's just a baby. And he's the only thing that was in that box! Pretty funny. Okay, no more aquarium talk!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your unstitching. If it were me I'd start over from scratch or put it away and never finish it.

And have some clam with your box.


Jackie said...

I never unstitch,I cut up chuck out or put away..
Your sea life is very inspiring

Kayla coo said...

I love the colours in your embroidery.

Michala x