Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Off To The Beach!

Jason and Molly June 1995
Wooo! Cleaning and laundry the last few days. House is spotless...laundry is all finished and put we just wait for Mark to get home from work so we can leave. We wont be home until Monday. Nice long weekend away -- I need this mini vacation DESPERATELY!

Here's a funny one for you...Kellie saw someone giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on TV. Kellie said "Hey look, she's giving him mouth-to-mouth suffocation!" I just can't correct them when they say stuff like this! It just cracks me up.

We were at PetSmart and this husband and wife were there with their Great Danes. Ryan walks up and says "Your dogs look like road kill compared to our Great Dane." As he went on it became clear that what he meant to say was road hogs because they were so much larger than Howard. At least that's how I explained his major insult to the couple! :O)

And we had one of those rare moments when these two actually got along for a few minutes...

unfortunately, this is what they were playing.
A little too violent for my taste, but at least it isn't people shooting each other. right? It's so much nicer around here when they get along.
It's really quiet here right now and I heard this noise (I think from the fish tank) and for a second I thought it was the baby monitor ---- THE BABY MONITOR?!! I haven't had a baby monitor in this house in 6 years. Isn't it strange how your mind works. I honestly stopped typing to listen for the baby waking up! Yeah, vacation will be very nice. :O)

So, off to the beach for some fun in the sun. I'll see ya Tuesday! Have a great week.


Jackie said...

Have a lot of fun and good rest.
Are you taking howard?

miss chris said...

Kids crack me up!

Enjoy the beach. That sound you'll be hearing? The surf, honey. Relax... ;)

Felicia said...

Enjoy your break :)