Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lovin' These Sequins!

I just got these flower sequins from Joanns and I love them!
They are tiny (1/8 inch across) green flower sequins. Love them -- I'm going back today to buy more because they have them in their $1 stuff and I'm afraid they wont carry them once they sell out.
I'm sewing them on with these little minty green size 15 seed beads.

I'm going blind with this, I think I'll move outside before it gets too hot. I have to do school work this afternoon because class is tonight but I want to have a little beady fun first.

And this is what an overdose of mashed potatoes looks like...
Is that not the saddest face you've ever seen?

I made dinner and as soon as I was finished I jumped up to get Jason and Molly over to the movies where they were meeting friends. As I was leaving I said "make sure you clean off the table while I'm gone." Came home and the bowl of potatoes (that had been pretty full when I left) was still on the table and had been licked clean! MARK!!!!! Why didn't you clean off the table -- Howard ate all of those potatoes!!!! The poor dog loves mashed potatoes -- he loves damn near anything that we eat (like any dog). It's been an all around intestinal disturbance since last night! So now he's on a rice diet to get his system back to normal. Poor stupid dog!


Cindy said...

Love your bead work. I don't know how you do such small work. My eyes would cross. I feel for your poor pups, but how wonderful to eat an entire bowl of mashed potatos without any thought, yum!

Kayla coo said...

Yes love the beads and the fantastic vintage buttons.
Your dog looks a bit sorry for himself bless him.