Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So You Don't Lose Your Coolness...

So that we all stay wicked cool (:O)) I thought I would give you a little high school slang update courtesy of Miss Molly...

If you should be out and you want a lot of something you do not say "please give me extra pickles with that." You say "Please give me mad pickles." or "May I have mad ice in this drink?"

If you witness something amazing you do not say "WOWZIE WOW WOW!" (okay that would be frightening all on it's own and would surely mean that even I in my infinite wisdom and coolness could not save you!)

Anyway, you do not say "That film was amazing!" you say "That film was beast!" or "My ever expanding backside looks beast in these shorts!"

So, my beast friend I'm off to do mad practicing for school. I hope you have a beast day, too!

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Jackie said...

Thanks for comment about slug happy hour. I think you right. I've not been here for a few days and I'm so glad I didn't miss the photo of howard on your lap!So funny.