Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Little Too Much Nature!

Last night when Mark and I were coming home from the store I opened the front door. It was dark so I didn't see the bird sitting in my door wreath. Well, into the house flew a Sparrow.

Straight up the steps and into Jason's room. It took FOREVER to get the stupid thing out of the house and guess what Jason found on the floor after our uninvited guest left --- this big blob! Jason...WHAT IS THAT?!!! Well, he made the mistake of touching it to see and it was a soft squishy egg that immediately turned to mush! Lovely.

I made this little bag. It's from this book.

I love this yarn!

This cupcake is from that book too...


miss chris said...

Ack. Bird in the house! And Ew.

But that cupcake! It's lovely. So very cute.

Jackie said...

The blob was fear!
Glad you got it out without too much fluttering.