Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Hope I Survive These Years...

This was my conversation with Molly...

Hey Mom! Guess what my friend A told me...friend B and C are doing drugs and drinking!

How does friend A know?

Friend A went over friend B's house with friend C and they pulled the stuff out and asked friend A if she wanted some. They were also drinking.

Wow, that's really sad. Isn't friend B the girl who went to the pool and movies with us a few times last summer?


And isn't friend C the girl you were just talking to on the computer the other night?


(okay, now is when I'm trying not to say that she will never be allowed to see or speak to these girls again. I'm starting to freak a little inside at this point.)

And guess what else! They went to the mall last weekend and shop lifted all this stuff! They took jewelry from Aeropostal and stuff from Macy's and stuff from Bath and Body and everything! But, you know what...Friend B is always home alone. Her parents are always working. So she just has her friends come over and they do all this stuff.

(okay, now I'm really freaking inside and my maternal instincts are going into over drive. I'm trying not to go off. Calm, stay calm.)

I feel really sorry for them. Drugs and alcohol may make them feel important and cool, especially if they are showing it to their friends and trying to get them involved with it too. They want their friends to do it too because it will make them feel better about doing it. If there is a group involved it can make anything seem cool! You know Molly I've always said to you that there is guilt by association. This is an example of how these two girls can ruin your reputation and your future. I went on to explain all the ways it could affect her being friends with these girls. Molly, I'm telling you right now you should cut your ties with these girls! It's not worth it. You have a lot of other friends who are good kids with bright futures. Don't let these two girls ruin your dreams. Drug use and drinking ALWAYS lead to trouble in school and at home. Don't put yourself in a position where you are taken down with them. You don't ever have to try any of it for it to screw things up for you both socially and academically. You are a straight A, honors student. You can do anything, be anything that you want. Don't let two girls with problems ruin your future.

Yeah, I know Mom. I can't believe they are doing stuff like that! I really like them.

hhhhhhh, I was totally freaking out inside. I wanted to scream YOU"RE NEVER TO TALK TO THOSE GIRLS AGAIN! EVER! DO YOU HEAR ME?!!! That's what I wanted to say. But, you know how it is -- If I yell and try to control the situation she could take that as a challenge or see it as I don't trust her. Plus if I don't maintain the calm when she tells me these things she'll stop telling me. I like that she tells me this stuff, but wow is it hard not to freak! Especially with summer here in just a few days. She will want to go to the movies and malls and the pool and to friends houses. They even go out to eat in a group. I can't hold her hand through all that. She is really really social. She is always on the go, and with the job she has spending money. I am constantly hearing from parents, students, etc that it's the kids from the nice middle class families that get into the drugs and alcohol because they are the ones with the money! But honestly, I think sometimes it's just that parents are too busy. Molly had an entire session in school that focused on how families needed to spend more time together. Molly did a speech on the importance of eating together. How did society get to the point where we need to be convinced to eat meals and spend time with our children each day?

Sheesh, when they were really little I was physically exhausted now I'm emotionally exhausted! Sorry this is a LOOOOONG and boring post, if you're still with me at this point :O) - but she really had me freaked!

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miss chris said...

not boring. I worry about this all the time, with my on-the-cusp 12 year old... It's scary to let them out into the world and pray that you have equipped them with the knowledge and self confidence they need. Molly sounds like a good kid with her head on straight, though. She came straight to you, mom. That speaks volumes.