Monday, June 23, 2008

Good Times!

First, I read about Sponge Balls! on Betz blog. I thought...What a great idea for Ryan and his friend! So off to Target...6 sponge balls day...we're good! I'm thinking it will be like this...

Ryan and his friend on a hot sunny day two buckets with three sponge balls each for a fun battle (like a snowball battle but with water) FUN FUN FUN.

reality was like this...

SMAAACK! as the sponge balls hit my neighbors house with a watery smack! two seconds later SMAAACK! as the sponge ball hits neighbors house AGAIN! RYAAAAAAN!!!!! Get away from their house while you play.

few minutes later...I realize that water is running, running, running. Outside. They are standing in the buckets squirting each other with the hose. RYAAAAAAN!!! Get out of the bucket! I don't want the water running like that. Fill the buckets and play with the sponges.

few minutes later...they are dumping buckets of water over each others heads and then they want to know if they can come in and play Wii. Hmmm, water is running off their clothes -- dripping from the end of Ryan's nose and the hem of his shorts. Well. Let's see. How about if your friend goes home and changes and then you can come in my house. They had a great time! but boy could I have been any further from fact with my version of this game and the reality?! :O)

Second...Molly left for her trip to Canada last night (well actually this morning).
We had to be at the school by 11:35pm and the bus would leave at 11:55pm for the 12 hour drive. They would be arriving in Montreal at 11:30am today. 12:30am still no bus. Parents and 55 students and chaperones standing in a school parking lot waiting, waiting, waiting. Teacher on phone with bus company trying to find out where the heck the bus is. 1:35am Teacher says bus driver never left to come pick our group up so we should all go home until 3:30am when a new bus would be arriving. 4:10am new bus finally arrives at school. The kids are exhausted, the parent chaperone's are exhausted, parents not going are feeling uneasy about our childs safety and this entire trip at this point, and the teacher is completely frazzled. Gee, I feel so confident sending my daughter on this bus trip! She called at 7:30am to say they had changed buses in New Jersey (because the drivers can't drive more than 8 hours) and that the change over went well. So here I sit nervously waiting for her to call in when they get to Canada - but at this point they have missed the first day's activity and they wont be arriving until about 4:30 - 5:00 pm. This will be the longest week of my life!!!! The teacher organizing this has been doing this trip for 8 years -- isn't just the way that this would be the year that the bus company screws up?! hhhh. It's so hard to let them take a trip like this. The parent-chaperon/student ratio is great though 1-2 so I'm confident about that aspect but aaaaaaa, my nerves are shot! And poor Mark - he is worse than I am. I don't think he slept an hour last night and he was home all night! The only thing that kept me from taking her off that bus was that she will be with her friend and her friend's mother along with two other friends and another mom--and the fact that this trip is an award for students who excelled in foreign language class!

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randi---i have to say said...

The spongeballs are a great idea! Thanks for the link!

I know it is hard to let your daughter go on this trip, but all will be well and she will have some neat stories to tell when she is back!