Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Golf Camp and A Wish...

Kellie and Ryan started Golf Camp this week. They both love it!

Ryan thinks he's a little too cool, but he's at "that age" ya know?

I had to get Kellie a visor because the hat wouldn't fit over the pig tails that she likes to sport! It's a good thing they had a pink one. The rest were all black! eeek.

I took these photos with my Iphone -- I'm surprised they turned out at all! Tomorrow they have to bring all their clubs so that they can work their way thru the entire set.

And then there is the kid that I want to hunt down like a dog and beat to a pulp!!! Ryan plays with two boys. And you know how that is -- odd man out happens A LOT. So one of the boys was on vacation for 2 weeks. The other boy and Ryan were inseparable. He invited Ryan to go to an Orioles game. Second boy came home over the weekend and guess what...Ryan came home in tears because his "friend" uninvited him and invited second friend instead. Jerk! Can I just tell you that I want to go to his house and put the fear of GOD in him! I want to scream at him! I want to beat the S*** out of him. Ohhh, that would feel so good! This is the second time that something like this has happened. I'm pretty much spitting mad. Of course Ryan always forgives and forgets (which I guess is good in a way) -- but me -- NO! I want to inflict pain. Massive MASSIVE amounts of pain. Yeah, that would feel good right now. I think I'll make a voodoo doll! :O) The little brat. See if I give him home made cookies again! I'll offer them and then I'll say "PSYCH - these are for some other kid instead! HA!" :O) Clearly I need a little yoga in my life!

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