Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Getting Organized!

My computer was down all day yesterday. AAAK! I felt like I was lost in space. But, luckily my brilliant husband did a few taps on some keys and wallah we're in business again!
I love to reorganize my sewing area. Target had the shoe box size Rubbermaid boxes on sale so I bought 36 more. Yeah, 36. Making a total of 80 shoe boxes of fabric rainbow goodness. :O)
I'm reorganizing my fabric stash by color and I like the little boxes because I can sort by color, shade, print/solid, etc. (still have to do that -- just got them sorted by general color so far.)
These little boxes are how I sort my seed beads.

I store my larger beads and my extra small seed beads (14's and 15's) by color in these cabinets
I sort my buttons by color in these drawers and this is also how I store my special threads, trims, etc.

I'm a long, long way from finished. In fact I've only just started with the reorganization. I still have to do yarn, wool roving, and wool felt. Plus my glass stuff needs to be straightened out, too. I got a little lazy with putting things away so now I have a huge mess to go through. I think it's fun though.
Yesterday I made two cushions for this rocker.
It was my Great Grandmother's. I love that. I forgot to take a photo of the before, but the cushion was really ugly gold, brown, and this strange orange-ish color that had been on my mothers patio for way too many years. I still need to paint the wicker, but it's not to the desperate point yet so it will remain low on the list.
And I got some exciting packages...
My new machine and software...

Not so exciting, but its NEW! Yeah. I can feel my speed picking up just looking at it!


Jackie said...

Congratulations on your new acquisition..is it a stenograph?
I read your previous post and I feel so sorry for you. I couldn't cope with that heat. Last year we went to a Greek Island near Rhodes and I had a few panic attacks about the heat even though it had cooled down just before we went, from 40 degrees celsius to a mere 32.I got used to it eventually but I have had Lymphodema in my legs since I was 14 so its always a bit of a struggle. I usually keep them covered up and wear compression hose, but in that heat...

jude said...

oh, i envy the organization. i have tried everything but i never put anything away so forget it! and yes, it is hot, hot, hot.

miss chris said...

Wow, that is some organization. And woohoo on your new writer. That's shiny and new, baby!

randi said...

Can you come over and organize my craft area next? Pleeeease???? ;)

Your boxes look perfect and colorful and fun!