Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gardening is not my thing...

I planted some flowers the other day and look at these two barrels.

They are right next to each other. I don't know what's wrong with the second one. I'm wondering if Howard was messing with it.

It looks like something sat in it. That's pretty much the kind of thing he does. And this is a really pretty rose that was blooming about two weeks ago. Now look at it.

What is going on?!!! I've been watering them so it can't be lack of water. It's making me a little annoyed. I have a black thumb, but this rose was planted last year -- it made it through the winter and now all of a sudden it's going ca put! rrrr.

I spoke to Molly while she was on the bus Monday morning and she was miserable. Sounded close to tears. She said she was really tired and that the bus was really noisy and that the dads and boys on the bus only wanted to watch sports and that the teacher was all about that! and she misses home already. You know how when you are completely sleep deprived and your emotions go on overload? Well, I think that is where she is. She's gone away for weekends, but never this far from home and never for this long. I hope I don't get a "COME AND GET ME" call. We'll see. She called again at 1:30pm to say that she got a little nap and was feeling a little better. Called again at 8:30pm and said that she had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and was having a GREAAAAT time! I could hear all of her goof ball friends in the background and my fears of a COME AND GET ME call are gone! Unless of course it's a call from the adults on the trip who can't take anymore of her singing and laughing - that I would totally understand! :O)

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