Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dirty, Rotten Kids!

After the kids left for school I went into the powder room and look at this towel....

I'm thinking it was probably Ryan. Can you see the dirt on it? This would be from his hands AFTER he washed them. iiiiiiiiick. And it was only 8:25am. And he had already taken a shower this morning. No, I don't want to know how he could be this dirty.

I wish they would make a self-cleaning refrigerator! I would love one because look at this mess...

Ahhh, but look at it now.

Good, productive morning! Ahh, now I can have some guilt free play time!

Tuesday night was one of our crazy nights. Mark is not NOT doing well with the whole teenage daughter thing. She tried on her new bikini. Yeah, you can imagine how that went over.

"Children shouldn't have to have their eyes covered when our daughter walks by!!!"

when told that it is just a bikini, all the girls wear them...

"So that makes it okay? That doesn't mean that our daughter should be out in public with NOTHING on!"

when Molly tried on her new dress ...

"Must she be hanging out all over?!" (she's maybe, MAYBE an A cup! and since she's only 5 feet tall, the dress is much longer on her than it is on this model)

And new heels ...

"And don't you think those heels are a little too high?!"

Then Jason made the mistake of telling Mark how funny it was that when we were leaving the mall Tuesday it was pouring! Crazy sideways rain with thunder and lightning. As we were running blindly with our shopping bags to the car Jason's pants were falling down and he ran right out of his flip flops! It was really funny. Hilarious in fact! We (Jason, Molly, Ryan, and I)were all soaked by the time we got in the car and our shopping bags were falling apart. Just the mention of it had us all laughing again. Mark didn't see the funny in the story. He thought Jason should be wearing appropriate shoes and shorts with a belt that fit properly. That I should have heeded his warning about the coming storm when he called me and that I should have had an umbrella with me. hhhhh. I don't know how Mark is going to survive us! :o)

Yesterday Ryan graduated from Fifth Grade!

He hated wearing that tie! He always dresses like he is off to a basketball game so having to put on a shirt with buttons, dress pants, dress shoes and a tie damn near killed him!

And what is it about men and their TV's? We had to get a new TV for the family room yesterday and Mark was so excited he couldn't see straight. He even sang "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" as he set it down on the TV stand. Goof!

And, I'm really being bad this week...I didn't go to school Tuesday night because I was busy buying slutty clothes for Molly and being very irresponsible by running like a nut through the rain with my kids to be bothered with school. And now tonight...I don't feel like going again because it's the last day of school for my kids and I want to stay home and go to the Dairy for ice cream after dinner! Oh, poor Mark...I'm becoming a delinquent!


miss chris said...

Men and their tvs. Hubs did the same thing when he got his new baby two months ago. Silly boys and all of their black boxes!

Jackie said...

Sounds like you had a great week!
I've missed a lot being stuck at my sewing machine all week but it was worth it.