Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why Do I Do This??

Why is it that I always take on an intensly time consuming project at the worst possible times? I truly have a knack for it. My Mom and Dad are at my sisters for a few days (that would be my sainted sister! :O)) and I am taking care of their cat from hell. Anyway, my Mom's 82 nd birthday is this week (Thursday to be exact). They are coming home Wednesday night or Thursday morning. So I decide last night to make her a little quilt. I think, I'll just grab one of her old photo albums, copy a few photos and turn them into a small wall hanging. Easy peasy. I'm thinking one of them from their wedding day and a little one of each of us (5 kids) across the top. Well, I grab the photo album, come home to flip through for the perfect photos and realize that her album is crap. It's one of those old ones that ruins your photos.

I decide I'm going to scan all the photos in it and put them on a disk so that I always have them. As I'm peeling them off the sticky back (most of them came off with no problems) I realize that the plastic sheet that you pull back to insert photos and the sticky page are both no longer sticking. So now I have to go to Joanns and get a new photo album since I have now ruined this one. And, I have to get all these photos scanned and into the new album before Wednesday because I don't want this hanging over my head now. And I have school work, and I want to make her the little quilt. And, to top it off my alergies have decided to go crazy. I've been taking Claritin since April 20th and now all of a sudden I can't breath, my nose is running non stop and is now red and sore and look at this pile of used tissues and I've only been at the computer 20 minutes!!!

I'm very cranky. Why do I do this to myself all the time? I could run to the mall and buy a gift and be done with it. But nooooo, I have to be crafty. And if I'm late with a gift she'll give me that condesending "ooh, your sooo busy, it's okay. I don't need anything, really." Ask my sister ... she knows the voice.

Is there an otc that works better than claritin because honestly, claritin isn't working. I know this because I can't breath and my nose is dripping like a two year olds> oh I'm so cranky. I'm going to go scan photos and complain to Howard because he doesn't mind that I'm breathing thru my mouth and dropping dirty kleenex all over the floor next to me. He still loves me.

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miss chris said...

Hah. I do this too.

BTW, I'm liking Zyrtec right now for allergies. I've also heard good things about Flonase, but I haven't tried it. Good luck!