Friday, May 23, 2008

They're Killin' Me.

This morning was insane! I'm in the kitchen and hear (coming from the hall)...sniff, sniff, hhhhahahahah, sniff. Okay. "Molly? What's wrong?" BWAAAAAAAAAWWAWAWAWW! My STUUUPID cell phone wont work! AWWWAHHHHHHHHA I can't TEEEEXT anyone and THEEEY can't TEEEEXT ME! BWAAWWAWAWWA. Okay, seriously. I think this might be over reacting just a tad. Leave the phone here and I'll take it to the phone guy today while you are at school. Sniff, sniff...okay.

Then Mark is doing a partial water change for Charlie and Lola. Holy hell you would think life was coming to an end. It was like brain surgery at Shock Trauma. First, the amount of needed supplies was a little over the top. I caught him at one point moving toward the tank with one of my dishes! Ahhh, no big guy that's not going to happen. Then he needed my assistance. I was like Nurse Betty. Plate, spoon, flashlight...I kid you not! Then Ryan asks a question and Mark flips out "RYAN I NEED QUIET -- THIS TAKES A LOT OF CONCENTRATION!" Okay, seriously I was struggling to keep it together at that point. Concentration to poor water into a tank?! So I say "Yeah, Ryan! We're curing cancer here!" BWAAAAHHHHAHAHHAHAH!! That was it...poor Mark. We just don't take him seriously.

Then after the kids leave Mark and I are going out to breakfast. We are at a traffic light and I look over and there is this guy putting gas in a really old Corvette. I say "hey Mark look at that old car." And Mark...he says... "Now that's something special right there." Holy Hell! I damn near peed my pants...after that everything I saw I was saying "Now dat dare is sompin speshel!" Good Lord! I can't take much more today! These people are killing me! :O)

And now, the kids are home and I apparently bought the mini ice cream cones by mistake!

Jason said "So what, I'm supposed to eat like 6?!" OKAY! So I bought the wrong ones!


miss chris said...

This post here is something special. :)

I love how your family cracks you up. Pouring water = brain surgery. Of course. I'd have peed my pants.

Jackie said...

But these are the BEST times!
(thanks for your comment btw)

Randi said...

Hubbies and kids are the best for making us laugh! Love the mini cones, although I would have to eat like 10!