Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sniffling, Mulching, and Sewing, Oh My!

Aren't these pretty...
Mark brought them home to me the other day. I think they are very cheery.

Last night was Ryan's concert. He was so cute. I can't believe he will be going to middle school.

My tiny 4 pound 17 inch long baby who couldn't talk (couldn't make a sound) until he was 3 years old is now this walking, talking, music playing kid on his way to middle school! Sheesh. Where does the time go?! It makes me sad that they are growing up so fast.
That Ryan has some tan going on huh? Poor little guy - not such an easy entrance into this world that's for sure. He's a tough little guy though. He overcame all of his delays and struggles and is even doing well in school. Can't ask for more than that. Look how excited Jason was when we brought Ryan home from the hospital. Oh for those days. Now they fight all the time. They are like oil and water, but that's only because Jason is going through his pain in the butt I'm so impressive teenage years. They actually have a lot of the same interests, but Jason is too cool to admit that. I'm hoping once Jason "grows up" that they will get along again. crossing fingers.

And this arrived this morning...
Ugggh, 5 yards of mulch. I HATE mulch. At least this year we only needed 5 yards. Two years ago we ordered 10 yards! TEN! I did say...well, I'm sorry I can't help with the mulch today. You know I have school and Lasagna today. (yeah, I'm thinking Lasagna will definitely keep me from mulch duty so it just may be worth the effort on a school night.) sneaky huh?

I never make clothes for myself. Never. But with all the skirts in the stores this season I'm thinking about making some skirts. I keep hearing how easy they are to make. So I bought this fabric...
I think I will make this last one into an apron. It's kind of vintage-y. I'm hoping to get to this this weekend. I'm crossing my fingers that the mulch is finished by Saturday so that I have time for some fun. We'll see.

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miss chris said...

We had 8 cu yards of mulch dumped in our driveway last spring. Egads. I'd make at least one lasagna, that's gonna take a while!