Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sharing My Brilliant Discoveries!

I thought I would share some of my brilliant discoveries from this evening...

First, it's amazing how massive quantities of Linder balls can make practice so much easier!

Second, when I got home from school tonight ALL FIVE YARDS of mulch had been spread by Mark and the kids. There isn't even one wheelbarrow full for me to do tomorrow. Clearly, making the Lasagna and going to school instead of staying home to help was a smart maneuver that should not result in guilt! YAHOOIE!

Third, when I got home Mark and the kids were watching RATATOUILLE so I thought I would sit down between Mark and Molly and watch too. Well, Howard decided that he didn't want to be left out...

He's no lightweight! He is leaning all of his weight on me and I can hardly breathe, but he's just a baby so I let him snuggle - breathing is highly over rated anyway. I can always breathe later. Look at his expression. He's like "What?". I guess he missed me. Looking at this photo it's hard to think of him as a puppy who is still growing. (not a flattering photo of Mark or I but it was 10pm what do you expect :O)!)

And finally, since I don't have to do mulch duty tomorrow I think I'll goof off all day and sew (but I'll make it seem like I'm cleaning up the dinning room) I'll be very tricky with the stacking. I know, I'll tell Mark that I NEED to sew so that I can clean up. As each thing is made that is one less thing in progress, hence one less thing stacked. In fact, sewing is a vital, crucial part of the cleaning process. EUREKA! A Marathon sewing weekend is in fact cleaning! I'm BRILLIANT yet again!

And, one last thing to add here...Jason came home from school yesterday ready to kill Molly. Apparently every time Molly sees Jason in the halls or at lunch she yells YELLS..."I LOVE YOU JASON! CAN I HAVE A HUG?" and then she and all of her goofball Friends laugh. She said she can hear him saying things like...I hate you Molly, I'm going to give you a big hug with my hands around your throat! and then he laughs. Yesterday as he is getting on the bus with the school band to go to the seniors graduation, Molly yelled across the lobby "I LOVE YOU JASON! I'LL MISS YOU! I think they are so funny!

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