Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quick Hello

Just a quick hello today because Jason called from school to tell me that he has a band concert this afternoon and has outgrown his band shoes and can't find his band pants. hmmm, and we couldn't have discovered all this over the weekend? But, I did want to tell you about yesterday...

I was in a bad mood as predicted by 4pm. So as I tried to get dinner made and eaten and cleaned up and out the door to school by 6:15 I said to Mark...I'm sick of all this stress on school days. From now on I think I will just order dinner on school nights instead of trying to fix it. Mark says...yeah, you need to be more organized. Just make something easy. Make a lasagna or a casserole. BRILLIANT! No need to order take out! Just be more organized and make something easy like a lasagna! Of course he says this from the sofa while he waits for his dinner. Yeah. Thursday -- unless he's making the lasagna, I'm thinking pizza delivery! :O)

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