Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Off To The Pediatrician!

Oh yeah, I think there is a man in this house that needs to pay for this misery!
So, I'm off to the Pediatrician this morning with Ryan to see if we can get something stronger than an over the counter to help him. It's hard to see in this photo, but his face is really swollen! I was pretty close to beating Mark in his sleep, but then he called yesterday from work (miserable) because his Poison Ivy had spread to his "nether regions" -- Justice Prevails! :o) Sorry, I do feel really sorry for him! Honest.

This came in the mail yesterday from Heather who has an etsy shop mayberriesvintage.
It's so beautiful! I love that it has the original floss so that I can finish the border! Thank you so much Heather. So, school tonight. Which means lots of this today...

I have to buy my new machine this month. Ugh. That's a lot of money, but you get $1,000 back toward your professional model when you are finished. It will be nice to have the student model because it's electric and works with my lap top and computer software and all. That will be so nice after this old beginner model! I just hate to spend money on stuff like this. Fabric, wool, felt, thread...Oh yeah. School equipment, tuition...not so much.
And here is Howard last night waiting for me so he could go to bed!
Have a great day!

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Jackie said...

Thank you for your comment Mary. I love Howard, and his name; I love your vintage tablecloth and that you are finishing it. I bought a beautiful embroidered unfinished tablecloth a while ago and I've been thinking of cutting it into 4 for cushions, but I just might sit and finish it instead. Its a really lovely one. Thank you for inspiring me.