Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not a pretty picture!

Thank God Mark wasn't around when Kellie said ... "oh, I think it's in your sewing room." She was not referring to my sewing room down stairs. No, she was referring to the DINING ROOM! The dining room that looks like a bomb has hit!

Yeah, even I admit that this needs some serious attention. But, not today. Today is Tuesday and that means school for me. My machine is still packed up from Thursday's class. That is not a good thing. We have been getting about 40 briefs a class now and we are trying to type at 60 wpm. I am in desperate need of practice! The problem is that my teacher is a medical court reporter so she is always dictating with these big medical terms. I'm like whoa, whoa, I don't know what the hell that means much less how to spell it! Can't we have sentences like "Jack shot Sam because Sam is an idiot." That I can type at 60 wpm! So today is all day practice practice practice. I'll be a real *&()^ come 4pm, but it must be done. Molly said to me the other day...Are you practicing all day today? Me - No. Molly - Oh good that means when I ask you a question you wont yell at me! Hmmm, perhaps I need to take more breaks during my marathon practice days!

I did make progress on the frame for my Mom. The butterfly wings are finished and I finished 5 leaves. wahooy.

And can I just tell you how frickin excited I am about this book!

My kiln has been collecting dust for a year! I've made some lampwork beads with it that are super fun, but I wanted to make some ceramic buttons and beads too. The manual that came with the kiln is crap. It doesn't tell you anything, but it can be used for low fire clay. So this weekend I was at Joann's looking for something to buy (because I just can't throw out 40% off coupons!) and I found this new book! It tells me just what I need to know to make ceramic beads and buttons in my small electric kiln! Happy happy happy dance! No, wait a minute...this my friends calls for ... Now dat dare is sompin speshel! Unfortunately, school is almost out so the kids will be all over me wanting a turn if I try to do this around them. The kiln is scary business. It gets really hot and I don't like them to be home when I use it. Especially when I'm making glass beads. I use the torch and the kiln in my kitchen when I'm making beads so that I'm close to water and good ventilation, but that torch scares the hell out of me so I don't use it when Kellie and Ryan are home. I think the clay would be fun for them to work with too, but oh the mess they will make. We'll have to work in the garage, but even so...I shudder to think what it could turn in to with them out there with me. I know a lot of people like to craft and cook with their kids, but I'm not one of them. In my house it becomes a nightmare! They make a huge mess, they argue, it ends up taking twice as long as it should...no, it's not my thing. Kudos to those who enjoy it, but I'm not one of them. Maybe if I were working with only one child, but not four. No, not four.

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miss chris said...

Your CR teacher is not playing fair. NOT. Medical terms? Gag.

Those wings are beautiful. I don't even have good words for that.

And I'm pretty sure a kiln + torch woudl equal disaster in my house. So go, you.