Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lookie Here

I thought Howard killed this Butterfly Bush when he "pruned it" for me, but look...

And we've had this lilac bush for three years and it never had any blossoms - now look...

Strange. I really need to get to work on the back yard...I need to order mulch and stone and I need to get all the flowers for the barrels and the planters on the fence. Ugh. I don't mind planting flowers, but mulch...hhhhh, I hate it.

The MD Sheep and Wool is this weekend...YEAH BABY! In honor of it, I've been doing a little spinning. I love spinning - it's very relaxing. I was spinning this...

which is coming out like this...These are some others that I have spun. All to be socks.

I love knitting socks. I learned to knit so that I could make socks. I have trouble with sweaters because I'm not very good at the sleeve seams. They are really hard for me, but socks and gloves -- piece of cake! And you can take sock and glove projects anywhere! A little ball of yarn and 4 tiny double point needles fit right into a sandwich size Ziploc and into my bag. Love that!

Truffles (Molly's Giant German/French Angora bunny) has some kind of cold going on.

This morning he was sneezing and making this strange coughing sound. Howard, Norman and I were all just staring at him trying to figure out if he was choking or if it was just coughing. I guess I'll have to call the vet. I want to have him fixed anyway (only because he's so "well developed" that it makes me nervous during grooming. He's super sweet though. And beautiful. He's the size of a big cat (about 10 - 12 pounds) His color is chocolate. We got him at Sheep and Wool two years ago. He's just gorgeous. See how Mark is holding him...he likes that, if you stroke his cheek he falls asleep and then he feels like he weighs 20 pounds! I haven't spun any of his fur yet though. I'm planning on gloves for me - ME!

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