Monday, May 5, 2008

Hello Sunshine!

Ahhh, some sun! It has been pretty warm, but gloomy.

So, this weekend...

First sheep and wool was awesome as usual. First thing I did was head to the booth for THE FOLD because they have the SOCKS THAT ROCK sock yarn that is so amazing! Anyway, I stood in line to pay there about 45 minutes to an hour (from 8:30am on). The line stays like that all day. Worth it. Anyway I got some roving to use in needle/wet felting and some yarn for socks.

While we were all in line this woman walks by and says to her friend..."Ohhhh, Theeeeeey're sock knitters" Gee, I don't think she meant that in a nice way! :o) It gave us "sock knitters" in line a good laugh. Waiting in line at these things can be fun. You chat with the other people, they show you the socks they are working on, what they are buying, etc. It's fun. Plus you see some very interesting folks while waiting in line. Some knitters are like some quilters. You have your normal people who knit/stitch, and then you have the crazy over the top people who dress head to toe in quilted garments or with knitters it seems to be a passion for tent dresses/tunic looking things that are tie dyed in colors like pond scum green mixed with gold and brown (yes, I did witness such an outfit-- who topped it off with tie dyed socks (that matched) and Birkenstocks). Lovely. Then there was the poor college girl behind me who made the mistake of wearing a sweatshirt from her school. Up steps this man who was so freaky I actually shuddered when I saw him. Hair like he had an unfortunate encounter with electricity, teeth (the few he had) like a nightmare, also wearing Birkenstocks with furry twisted toes, (uugggaaahhh), dressed like he may live in his car, and holding the hand of a small also freaky boy who was apparently related (probably his by his sister! :o) now that's just mean. But, you get the idea. Well, he decides that this girl must be his long lost friend because he PLANTS himself next to her with the child from hell and starts talking to her about his college days at the same college. She was like "okay, I love this sock wool, I've been standing here a good 30 minutes, cashier is within sight, do I want to hang in there or should I run like hell?" She kept looking at me like please save me. Finally, equally freaky Mom - Sister - Wife woman shows up and off they go. College girl lets out this loud sigh and says "God! If that's what I'll be in school with in the fall I think I better apply somewhere else! Maybe big city colleges are better than small quaint college towns!" It was too funny.

I also got this wool to finish a sweater...

And these for socks....

While I was at S&W, Mark and Ryan did yard work. Now Mark and Ryan are covered in Poison Ivy. And what does a devoted wife and mother (who is allergic to Poison Ivy) do at a time like this, she says .... What the *@#* is wrong with you? you knew there was poison ivy in that bush - you get it every time you go over there!!!! Why would you have Ryan in it?! Dumb ass. Well, you just stay the *@#* away from me and you are going to have to take care of Ryan because I'm not going to get it! Idiot! Poor Ryan, he comes in with it all over his neck and face! M A R K!!!!!! You better get your wallet out buddy because you owe this poor kid BIG! Mark sees Ryan...Oh God! Sorry buddy. You can pick out FISH????? Did you just say *@#* ing FISH?! Yes! We need yet another pet in a container that has to be fed and cleaned. YES BY ALL *@#* ING MEANS LETS GET FISH! hhhhh, okay breathe. Deep cleansing breaths. Breeeeeeeeeathe. And, just so you don't think I'm the worst mother in history, I didn't say *@#* in front of the kids - but I thought it!

His name is Poison Ivy...Hmmm, now there are two things named that, that I hate!

Then, we went to the new golf store. Across the street was an ENORMOUS flea market. OOOOO! Can we just swing in over there really quick? :O) :O)...NO. We don't have time. rrrrrrrr. Then driving down the road I spot a new art gallery (cool) store. OOOOO! Can we just swing in over there really quick? :O) :O)...NO. We don't have time. Okay. Let me see if I have this straight...We had time for the golf store and we had time for the pet store but no time for my two stops? Okay well, today I have no time for cooking and cleaning so kiss my ass. :O) :O) I hope you had some fun this weekend, too.

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miss chris said...

hello sunshine. Thanks for the giggles.