Friday, May 2, 2008

Great Day For Mail

Yesterday was a great day for mail. I got this pack from Alicia! Thanks Alicia they are great! (like she reads this blog - hahahahahahhah.)
I got Howard's box of Birthday toys/treats from THIS awesome store!

They sell all natural treats (and food) for your pets.

These sweet potato teats are a huge hit!

Howard goes crazy for these strawberry creme pies - I mean CRAZY!

So I got him the birthday pie, too. (he'll have to share with Norman though)

The birthday cake plays Happy Birthday - how funny is that?! Anyway, Kellie is so darn excited about Howard's birthday -- she can't wait to give him his gifts!

Truffles weighs 9.6 lbs and has an upper respiratory infection. Two medications and he can't be neutered for a month. (in case you were worried...yeah. :o) ) Anyway, that's about as exciting as it got around here yesterday. Aren't you glad that I shared? I'm going to do some speedy cleaning and then I'm going to sew something. Have a great weekend!

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miss chris said...

ooooh. You got one of Alicia's remnants... lucky girl. Did they feel a bit magical? Because I'm pretty sure she has special powers.