Monday, May 19, 2008

Eyeballs Are Begging For Mercy Today!

I FINALLY decided what I wanted to make for my Mom's birthday. Since she can't go to lunch this week that gives me more time to make her gift. I worked on it all weekend and finally decided on a picture frame. I've got it all sketched out and the vine is finished.
Now I'm working on the leaves (10 in all) and I'm going blind trying to do it.
I think I'm going to run over to Barnes and Noble to get a pair of those magnifying glasses for doing this. These leaves are so small (3/4 inch), but look how small the flower petals are (1/2, 3/8 and 1/4 inches)!

And you should see the ladybug winds! Yeah! Need some magnifying glasses TODAY!

I'm taking Molly out with my sister today to celebrate her birthday (a little late). My sister and I are taking her to the movies to see Made of Honor and then out to dinner. Should be really fun. I hope you have a fun day too. See ya tomorrow.

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Jackie said...

Oh I look at your blog and get distracted by Howard..he's such a sweetie. Just to let you know,I buy white undyed velvet and dye it myself!