Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Clown Fish Are Stupid! and other random things

These are our two clown fish.

They are Charlie and Lola. They cause me a great deal of stress! Did you know that they can barely swim? Well, five minutes of watching them and you are convinced that they are barely keeping it together. I'm forever thinking that they are doing the death swim. Then this morning Mark comes down and he can't find one. The dumb ass fish (Charlie) had launched himself into the reserve well at the back of the tank. It's quite a drop to the water level! It's a miracle Mark was able to get the net down in there without smashing him! Mark rigged this thing to block them so hopefully that wont happen again. Very stressful.

And I have to tell you why they are called Charlie and Lola. Molly is obsessed with the British accent. Especially after the two guys that came in to her work a few weeks ago. Here is how I heard about it...

MOM! MOM! guess what! Today, these two really cute guys came in with their parents and the one came up to the counter and ordered a burger and CHIPS!!!! OH MY GOD! I just stood there with this goofball look on my face and goofy ohhhhh, you'rrrrre Britishhhhh! I'm in love! The guy was looking at me like ... Ah, chips? Now? Please? Are you having a seizure? I wanted to say...Can I come sit with you and listen to you while you eat your lunch and then we can get married. :O) she is such a goof.

So anyway, right after that she heard someone talking about their pet birds named Charlie and Lola and that was it. She says those names with this goofy teenage American girl fake British accent that is just hilarious. And that is why they are Charlie and Lola. Have you seen the movie Love Actually? You know how Colin is coming to the US because American girls love the British accent? Well, Molly proves him right! She wouldn't care what the guy looked like as long as he never stopped talking! :O) She cracks me up. This morning she was getting ready for school and singing "Come out, Come out, wherever you are and meet the young lady who fell from a star" in the Good Witch voice -- just that one line (because that's all she could remember) over and over and over. Ahhh, Molly. Too funny.

And look how poor Molly had to watch TV.

He's so stupid. I'm surrounded by stupid pets. :o)

Molly and I had a great time with my sister Monday. The movie (Made of Honor) was ... Okay. Not great. Not what I had expected, but okay. Wednesday I got my new magnifying glasses from Barnes and Noble ...

Do I look smashing? I can't see a thing thru them unless I'm looking at small stitches. I keep forgetting and looking up and then everything is a blur, but they work like a charm for the stumpwork stuff! I also purchased a new rice cooker and vegetable steamer because I've heard they work great.

I couldn't find a cookbook at Barnes and Noble so I went to the library and got this one...

Now I just need to pick out a recipe to try. I think I'll do a search on line for some recipes too.


Jackie said...

i have a son who is unattached and English!! (23 with good even teeth and blonde hair. Smoker. Loves dogs, will hate me for telling you this!)
you have lovely BIG eyes!
Thanks for comment

randi said...

I think the accent thing is hilarious! A British accent on any man makes him seem just a little bit more interesting! ;)