Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sharing My Brilliant Discoveries!

I thought I would share some of my brilliant discoveries from this evening...

First, it's amazing how massive quantities of Linder balls can make practice so much easier!

Second, when I got home from school tonight ALL FIVE YARDS of mulch had been spread by Mark and the kids. There isn't even one wheelbarrow full for me to do tomorrow. Clearly, making the Lasagna and going to school instead of staying home to help was a smart maneuver that should not result in guilt! YAHOOIE!

Third, when I got home Mark and the kids were watching RATATOUILLE so I thought I would sit down between Mark and Molly and watch too. Well, Howard decided that he didn't want to be left out...

He's no lightweight! He is leaning all of his weight on me and I can hardly breathe, but he's just a baby so I let him snuggle - breathing is highly over rated anyway. I can always breathe later. Look at his expression. He's like "What?". I guess he missed me. Looking at this photo it's hard to think of him as a puppy who is still growing. (not a flattering photo of Mark or I but it was 10pm what do you expect :O)!)

And finally, since I don't have to do mulch duty tomorrow I think I'll goof off all day and sew (but I'll make it seem like I'm cleaning up the dinning room) I'll be very tricky with the stacking. I know, I'll tell Mark that I NEED to sew so that I can clean up. As each thing is made that is one less thing in progress, hence one less thing stacked. In fact, sewing is a vital, crucial part of the cleaning process. EUREKA! A Marathon sewing weekend is in fact cleaning! I'm BRILLIANT yet again!

And, one last thing to add here...Jason came home from school yesterday ready to kill Molly. Apparently every time Molly sees Jason in the halls or at lunch she yells YELLS..."I LOVE YOU JASON! CAN I HAVE A HUG?" and then she and all of her goofball Friends laugh. She said she can hear him saying things like...I hate you Molly, I'm going to give you a big hug with my hands around your throat! and then he laughs. Yesterday as he is getting on the bus with the school band to go to the seniors graduation, Molly yelled across the lobby "I LOVE YOU JASON! I'LL MISS YOU! I think they are so funny!

Sniffling, Mulching, and Sewing, Oh My!

Aren't these pretty...
Mark brought them home to me the other day. I think they are very cheery.

Last night was Ryan's concert. He was so cute. I can't believe he will be going to middle school.

My tiny 4 pound 17 inch long baby who couldn't talk (couldn't make a sound) until he was 3 years old is now this walking, talking, music playing kid on his way to middle school! Sheesh. Where does the time go?! It makes me sad that they are growing up so fast.
That Ryan has some tan going on huh? Poor little guy - not such an easy entrance into this world that's for sure. He's a tough little guy though. He overcame all of his delays and struggles and is even doing well in school. Can't ask for more than that. Look how excited Jason was when we brought Ryan home from the hospital. Oh for those days. Now they fight all the time. They are like oil and water, but that's only because Jason is going through his pain in the butt I'm so impressive teenage years. They actually have a lot of the same interests, but Jason is too cool to admit that. I'm hoping once Jason "grows up" that they will get along again. crossing fingers.

And this arrived this morning...
Ugggh, 5 yards of mulch. I HATE mulch. At least this year we only needed 5 yards. Two years ago we ordered 10 yards! TEN! I did say...well, I'm sorry I can't help with the mulch today. You know I have school and Lasagna today. (yeah, I'm thinking Lasagna will definitely keep me from mulch duty so it just may be worth the effort on a school night.) sneaky huh?

I never make clothes for myself. Never. But with all the skirts in the stores this season I'm thinking about making some skirts. I keep hearing how easy they are to make. So I bought this fabric...
I think I will make this last one into an apron. It's kind of vintage-y. I'm hoping to get to this this weekend. I'm crossing my fingers that the mulch is finished by Saturday so that I have time for some fun. We'll see.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quick Hello

Just a quick hello today because Jason called from school to tell me that he has a band concert this afternoon and has outgrown his band shoes and can't find his band pants. hmmm, and we couldn't have discovered all this over the weekend? But, I did want to tell you about yesterday...

I was in a bad mood as predicted by 4pm. So as I tried to get dinner made and eaten and cleaned up and out the door to school by 6:15 I said to Mark...I'm sick of all this stress on school days. From now on I think I will just order dinner on school nights instead of trying to fix it. Mark says...yeah, you need to be more organized. Just make something easy. Make a lasagna or a casserole. BRILLIANT! No need to order take out! Just be more organized and make something easy like a lasagna! Of course he says this from the sofa while he waits for his dinner. Yeah. Thursday -- unless he's making the lasagna, I'm thinking pizza delivery! :O)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not a pretty picture!

Thank God Mark wasn't around when Kellie said ... "oh, I think it's in your sewing room." She was not referring to my sewing room down stairs. No, she was referring to the DINING ROOM! The dining room that looks like a bomb has hit!

Yeah, even I admit that this needs some serious attention. But, not today. Today is Tuesday and that means school for me. My machine is still packed up from Thursday's class. That is not a good thing. We have been getting about 40 briefs a class now and we are trying to type at 60 wpm. I am in desperate need of practice! The problem is that my teacher is a medical court reporter so she is always dictating with these big medical terms. I'm like whoa, whoa, I don't know what the hell that means much less how to spell it! Can't we have sentences like "Jack shot Sam because Sam is an idiot." That I can type at 60 wpm! So today is all day practice practice practice. I'll be a real *&()^ come 4pm, but it must be done. Molly said to me the other day...Are you practicing all day today? Me - No. Molly - Oh good that means when I ask you a question you wont yell at me! Hmmm, perhaps I need to take more breaks during my marathon practice days!

I did make progress on the frame for my Mom. The butterfly wings are finished and I finished 5 leaves. wahooy.

And can I just tell you how frickin excited I am about this book!

My kiln has been collecting dust for a year! I've made some lampwork beads with it that are super fun, but I wanted to make some ceramic buttons and beads too. The manual that came with the kiln is crap. It doesn't tell you anything, but it can be used for low fire clay. So this weekend I was at Joann's looking for something to buy (because I just can't throw out 40% off coupons!) and I found this new book! It tells me just what I need to know to make ceramic beads and buttons in my small electric kiln! Happy happy happy dance! No, wait a minute...this my friends calls for ... Now dat dare is sompin speshel! Unfortunately, school is almost out so the kids will be all over me wanting a turn if I try to do this around them. The kiln is scary business. It gets really hot and I don't like them to be home when I use it. Especially when I'm making glass beads. I use the torch and the kiln in my kitchen when I'm making beads so that I'm close to water and good ventilation, but that torch scares the hell out of me so I don't use it when Kellie and Ryan are home. I think the clay would be fun for them to work with too, but oh the mess they will make. We'll have to work in the garage, but even so...I shudder to think what it could turn in to with them out there with me. I know a lot of people like to craft and cook with their kids, but I'm not one of them. In my house it becomes a nightmare! They make a huge mess, they argue, it ends up taking twice as long as it, it's not my thing. Kudos to those who enjoy it, but I'm not one of them. Maybe if I were working with only one child, but not four. No, not four.

Friday, May 23, 2008

They're Killin' Me.

This morning was insane! I'm in the kitchen and hear (coming from the hall)...sniff, sniff, hhhhahahahah, sniff. Okay. "Molly? What's wrong?" BWAAAAAAAAAWWAWAWAWW! My STUUUPID cell phone wont work! AWWWAHHHHHHHHA I can't TEEEEXT anyone and THEEEY can't TEEEEXT ME! BWAAWWAWAWWA. Okay, seriously. I think this might be over reacting just a tad. Leave the phone here and I'll take it to the phone guy today while you are at school. Sniff, sniff...okay.

Then Mark is doing a partial water change for Charlie and Lola. Holy hell you would think life was coming to an end. It was like brain surgery at Shock Trauma. First, the amount of needed supplies was a little over the top. I caught him at one point moving toward the tank with one of my dishes! Ahhh, no big guy that's not going to happen. Then he needed my assistance. I was like Nurse Betty. Plate, spoon, flashlight...I kid you not! Then Ryan asks a question and Mark flips out "RYAN I NEED QUIET -- THIS TAKES A LOT OF CONCENTRATION!" Okay, seriously I was struggling to keep it together at that point. Concentration to poor water into a tank?! So I say "Yeah, Ryan! We're curing cancer here!" BWAAAAHHHHAHAHHAHAH!! That was it...poor Mark. We just don't take him seriously.

Then after the kids leave Mark and I are going out to breakfast. We are at a traffic light and I look over and there is this guy putting gas in a really old Corvette. I say "hey Mark look at that old car." And Mark...he says... "Now that's something special right there." Holy Hell! I damn near peed my pants...after that everything I saw I was saying "Now dat dare is sompin speshel!" Good Lord! I can't take much more today! These people are killing me! :O)

And now, the kids are home and I apparently bought the mini ice cream cones by mistake!

Jason said "So what, I'm supposed to eat like 6?!" OKAY! So I bought the wrong ones!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Clown Fish Are Stupid! and other random things

These are our two clown fish.

They are Charlie and Lola. They cause me a great deal of stress! Did you know that they can barely swim? Well, five minutes of watching them and you are convinced that they are barely keeping it together. I'm forever thinking that they are doing the death swim. Then this morning Mark comes down and he can't find one. The dumb ass fish (Charlie) had launched himself into the reserve well at the back of the tank. It's quite a drop to the water level! It's a miracle Mark was able to get the net down in there without smashing him! Mark rigged this thing to block them so hopefully that wont happen again. Very stressful.

And I have to tell you why they are called Charlie and Lola. Molly is obsessed with the British accent. Especially after the two guys that came in to her work a few weeks ago. Here is how I heard about it...

MOM! MOM! guess what! Today, these two really cute guys came in with their parents and the one came up to the counter and ordered a burger and CHIPS!!!! OH MY GOD! I just stood there with this goofball look on my face and goofy ohhhhh, you'rrrrre Britishhhhh! I'm in love! The guy was looking at me like ... Ah, chips? Now? Please? Are you having a seizure? I wanted to say...Can I come sit with you and listen to you while you eat your lunch and then we can get married. :O) she is such a goof.

So anyway, right after that she heard someone talking about their pet birds named Charlie and Lola and that was it. She says those names with this goofy teenage American girl fake British accent that is just hilarious. And that is why they are Charlie and Lola. Have you seen the movie Love Actually? You know how Colin is coming to the US because American girls love the British accent? Well, Molly proves him right! She wouldn't care what the guy looked like as long as he never stopped talking! :O) She cracks me up. This morning she was getting ready for school and singing "Come out, Come out, wherever you are and meet the young lady who fell from a star" in the Good Witch voice -- just that one line (because that's all she could remember) over and over and over. Ahhh, Molly. Too funny.

And look how poor Molly had to watch TV.

He's so stupid. I'm surrounded by stupid pets. :o)

Molly and I had a great time with my sister Monday. The movie (Made of Honor) was ... Okay. Not great. Not what I had expected, but okay. Wednesday I got my new magnifying glasses from Barnes and Noble ...

Do I look smashing? I can't see a thing thru them unless I'm looking at small stitches. I keep forgetting and looking up and then everything is a blur, but they work like a charm for the stumpwork stuff! I also purchased a new rice cooker and vegetable steamer because I've heard they work great.

I couldn't find a cookbook at Barnes and Noble so I went to the library and got this one...

Now I just need to pick out a recipe to try. I think I'll do a search on line for some recipes too.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Eyeballs Are Begging For Mercy Today!

I FINALLY decided what I wanted to make for my Mom's birthday. Since she can't go to lunch this week that gives me more time to make her gift. I worked on it all weekend and finally decided on a picture frame. I've got it all sketched out and the vine is finished.
Now I'm working on the leaves (10 in all) and I'm going blind trying to do it.
I think I'm going to run over to Barnes and Noble to get a pair of those magnifying glasses for doing this. These leaves are so small (3/4 inch), but look how small the flower petals are (1/2, 3/8 and 1/4 inches)!

And you should see the ladybug winds! Yeah! Need some magnifying glasses TODAY!

I'm taking Molly out with my sister today to celebrate her birthday (a little late). My sister and I are taking her to the movies to see Made of Honor and then out to dinner. Should be really fun. I hope you have a fun day too. See ya tomorrow.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I Love Stumpwork

Yes I do, I truly do. I'm working on this girl today. This will be Molly.

I'm going to make one of each of my kids and put them around the four sides of a fabric box and then on the lid I'm doing Mark and I. I love making people.

I thought I would show you this, too. I made this of our dog Fred when he died a few years ago.

Shocking to say, almost a sacrilege, but I'm thinking Howard might just be even more awesome than Fred was. And Fred was super amazing - best dog ever!

Here is another little sachet that I made. And before you say a word, I know my stitches are a little wonky, but I kind of do my own thing on these -- I don't worry about whether the stitch is "correct" or not. I'm more concerned with do I like it or not. You know what I mean?

I finished getting all the photos scanned and into a new album. And how about that gift for my mom...haven't even started and her birthday was yesterday. I'm hiding at this point. I figure I'll make something this weekend and then take her to lunch next week. She doesn't need to know that I was late right? The lunch outing will make everything right with the world. I'll need a Mojito after it, but it'll be fine. Honestly, I love my mom. She's a great mom. But, she's 82 and is getting really hard to deal with. She's turned that corner if you know what I mean. She opens her mouth and says whatever she wants. She can barely hear but refuses to get a hearing aide because she doesn't want to seem old. (good plan -- it's working out great!) Refuses to give up driving. That's scary business there. Now me, I'd use one of those horns on the side of my head before I would go around saying "what? what? what?" or giving crazy answers because I'm guessing at what people are saying to me. Yeah. Good times there! Anyway, I'll have to call her for next week to plan our stressful lunching, gift giving, Mojito drinking afternoon. Maybe I'll try to drag my sister into. Although she paid her dues this past weekend - believe me!

Oh, and it's 6 days until Memorial Day weekend and you know what that means ... 10lbs lost by Memorial Day campaign is almost over. And how is it working out, you ask -- GREAT! As of this morning I've GAINED 3 pounds! Right on track. So if I don't eat for the next week I'll be able to drop those 13 pounds with out any trouble. Brilliant!

Howard got his new birthday toy...

He loves it. He didn't even put it down for a piece of his birthday pie treat! Now that's true love to be sure! I need to take him to have his nails clipped and to check his weight. He's eating 8 cups of food a day! He's in the middle of a growth spurt, so I'm anxious to see what he weights now. I wanted to go today, but it's raining (again) so it will have to wait until next week. It's hard to believe that he went from this...

to this...

in just 9 months!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two Funny Things...

Okay, First - tonight was Jason and Molly's spring concert at school. Mark says "Hey Mar, take the new camera - you'll get some good shots of the kids." Me--hmmm, I don't know, I really don't know how to work it yet. Mark "aaah, take it. It'll be great."

First shot...

Hmmm, maybe I should use the other lens so that I can get a closeup...

Now your talkin'! The National Geographics got nothin' on me!

Second -- I'm driving with Kellie. We pass a cemetery. Kellie says "hey look, some woman is visiting somebody. hmm, she could just be dropping someone off I guess." Me--who would she be dropping off? Kellie "you know, a dead person." Me--Oh. Right.

So, I don't know about the rest of you, but Thursday is a crazy busy day for me...I've got the grocery store, school work, a dead person to drop off at the cemetery, books for the library. You know, your typical day. :o) I love little kids!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why Do I Do This??

Why is it that I always take on an intensly time consuming project at the worst possible times? I truly have a knack for it. My Mom and Dad are at my sisters for a few days (that would be my sainted sister! :O)) and I am taking care of their cat from hell. Anyway, my Mom's 82 nd birthday is this week (Thursday to be exact). They are coming home Wednesday night or Thursday morning. So I decide last night to make her a little quilt. I think, I'll just grab one of her old photo albums, copy a few photos and turn them into a small wall hanging. Easy peasy. I'm thinking one of them from their wedding day and a little one of each of us (5 kids) across the top. Well, I grab the photo album, come home to flip through for the perfect photos and realize that her album is crap. It's one of those old ones that ruins your photos.

I decide I'm going to scan all the photos in it and put them on a disk so that I always have them. As I'm peeling them off the sticky back (most of them came off with no problems) I realize that the plastic sheet that you pull back to insert photos and the sticky page are both no longer sticking. So now I have to go to Joanns and get a new photo album since I have now ruined this one. And, I have to get all these photos scanned and into the new album before Wednesday because I don't want this hanging over my head now. And I have school work, and I want to make her the little quilt. And, to top it off my alergies have decided to go crazy. I've been taking Claritin since April 20th and now all of a sudden I can't breath, my nose is running non stop and is now red and sore and look at this pile of used tissues and I've only been at the computer 20 minutes!!!

I'm very cranky. Why do I do this to myself all the time? I could run to the mall and buy a gift and be done with it. But nooooo, I have to be crafty. And if I'm late with a gift she'll give me that condesending "ooh, your sooo busy, it's okay. I don't need anything, really." Ask my sister ... she knows the voice.

Is there an otc that works better than claritin because honestly, claritin isn't working. I know this because I can't breath and my nose is dripping like a two year olds> oh I'm so cranky. I'm going to go scan photos and complain to Howard because he doesn't mind that I'm breathing thru my mouth and dropping dirty kleenex all over the floor next to me. He still loves me.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day! (a little late)

Or as Kellie says "Happy Mudder's Day!"

I hope you had a great weekend. I surely did! Dearest Love gave me a new camera...

It's a digital SLR Canon EOS Rebel XTI with some xtra lenses (EF 75 - 300mm, EF 50mm, and EF-S 60mm), and a tripod. Jason gave me a digital photo frame and Molly gave me a camera case! Wow! What a day!

Kellie and Ryan gave me tulips that are really pretty. (I love tulips)

So I was playing around with the camera -- need to read the book I bought from Barnes & Noble so that I can understand this thing!

Today I'm going to work on this little picture.
I'm doing a series Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. So far I've only finished Winter. This will be Spring. I "painted" the base fabric with blue and green water soluble crayons. Now I'm trying to decide if I want her dress to be felt or fabric. I also have to do school work today because I completely blew it off for the entire weekend so now I have to cram.

Ryan is feeling much, much better...

All the swelling is gone and most of the Poison Ivy is gone. Mark on the other hand looks like a leper!

On another note, Chris, I hope you and your family (and friends) are okay with all that bad weather! I'm thinking of you today.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm in the Twilight Zone!

Okay...I'm've got me...I must be in the twilight zone! I came in the door from school last night and this greeted me...

I stood there in my kitchen with my eyes spinning in my head. White knuckle grip on my school bag. Beginning to shake....What the *#&* is going on?! Could it be...

1. I'm the victim of some insidious plan thought up by a diabolical madman

2. I unknowingly married NOAH


3. I've stepped into an episode of the Twilight Zone

Mark had been talking about an aquarium since the last fish purchase over the weekend. Apparently after hearing that Ryan had to go to the doctor because his face was so insanely swollen and that he is now on a steroid for 5 days, Mark's guilt took over. Don't worry, I had another one of my nervous break down temper tantrums this morning so I'm feeling better now. Much recovered. Oh, and to appease me...I get to pick out some fish, too! OOOO, OOOO can I pick some that are floating around the top on their backs? They're fun, right? Gee, how sweet is that? I get to pick some. Well Hell! That just makes it all better right off doesn't it. Why it's 30 gallons of fishy fun! How can that not be a good thing? :O) hhhhhh.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Off To The Pediatrician!

Oh yeah, I think there is a man in this house that needs to pay for this misery!
So, I'm off to the Pediatrician this morning with Ryan to see if we can get something stronger than an over the counter to help him. It's hard to see in this photo, but his face is really swollen! I was pretty close to beating Mark in his sleep, but then he called yesterday from work (miserable) because his Poison Ivy had spread to his "nether regions" -- Justice Prevails! :o) Sorry, I do feel really sorry for him! Honest.

This came in the mail yesterday from Heather who has an etsy shop mayberriesvintage.
It's so beautiful! I love that it has the original floss so that I can finish the border! Thank you so much Heather. So, school tonight. Which means lots of this today...

I have to buy my new machine this month. Ugh. That's a lot of money, but you get $1,000 back toward your professional model when you are finished. It will be nice to have the student model because it's electric and works with my lap top and computer software and all. That will be so nice after this old beginner model! I just hate to spend money on stuff like this. Fabric, wool, felt, thread...Oh yeah. School equipment, tuition...not so much.
And here is Howard last night waiting for me so he could go to bed!
Have a great day!