Thursday, April 24, 2008


Goodbye cracked window...

Goodbye fogged window...

Hello gorgeous new windows

Normally I don't get a thing done while workmen are in my house, but yesterday I was so very very productive! I was able to cut out all the stuff for the kids!

12 items all cut out and ready to sew! Yaaaahoooie! Now today I can assembly line sew them (which is my favorite way to sew clothes). Remember the two fabrics that Jason hated...well, I went back and got these two for his sleep pants. (very masculine for a 16 year old - don't ya think?)

I also made this chocolate bundt cake yesterday.

With this boxed mix. It makes the best cake. Really, really moist and I just sprinkle powdered sugar over it. Super yummie.

Anyway, Ryan loves it. He comes in the door yesterday from school and says at the top of his lungs..."Oh yeah! Butt cake - I love it!" Ah, Ryan there's an ND in there. It's B U N D T cake not Butt cake. He turns 10 shades of red and bursts out laughing. Well, I thought the window guys were going to fall out the window - they were laughing so hard. It was the funniest thing ever. I will be writing that one down in our "kid quotes" book today for sure! He's so cute. I hope you have a happy day, too.

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miss chris said...

Butt cake. Awesome.

And congrats on your WINDOWS! And your productivity -- Wow. That's getting it done!