Friday, April 25, 2008

The Weekend - AGAIN?!

Happy Birthday Molly -- 15 today!

Her play Clue is tonight and tomorrow night. She's been getting home from school at 2:15 and going right back from 5 pm to 10:30 pm every night this week for practice. She is exhausted! She said she fell asleep during the entire first half of practice last night! They woke her during intermission so that she would be ready for her part. Poor kid. The drama teacher is an idiot for running them down like this...they will all be so tired they wont be able to perform!
After the last play the drama teacher was having a cast party at her house (a coed sleepover with her as the only chaperon) hmmm, is it just me or is her head up her ass? Molly was really upset because Mark and I said absolutely not going to happen. Last night Molly mentioned on her way up to bed that there would be a cast party at some kids house this weekend. I don't think so. I'm hoping its Saturday night, because she works Sunday morning at 7 am so she will realize that it can't even be considered. Anyway...I guess I should prepare for a fight with Molly because I'm sure it's coming when she gets home from school today.
This day already started off on a bad note. Kellie and I were at the bus stop and noticed that we forgot to brush her hair. She doesn't have a melt down, but she can be such a crappy kid when she's mad. Lots of attitude. Then as she is getting on the bus the kid in front of her swung his trumpet case and nailed her in the head with it. At that point she was ready to kill someone ... no tears, but her expression can put the fear of God in you. :o) I felt it was my responsibility to protect the public from danger, so off the bus, home for some hairdo fixin' and then into the car. She seemed to be over the drama of it all as she went into the school. Today is an early dismissal so they will be right back here at 1:15 pm .... NOOOOOOO, say it isn't so. I hate half days. It screws up the entire day...and I have to prepare for the Molly cast party fight...and for now, I hear the butt cake calling me so I'm going to grab some coffee and make friends with some chocolate.

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miss chris said...

1) yes, the Drama teacher is nuts. Co-ed sleepovers are a dumb idea.

2) I hate mornings like that.

3) I want some butt cake. ;)