Monday, April 28, 2008

Trauma AND Drama, oh boy!

The dogs were outside...
Me: Molly where's Howard?
Molly: I don't know.
We look all over for him. Can't find him. I'm beginning to panic. I'm out back - turn to go back up the deck steps and there looking out from UNDER the lower deck from between two big planter barrels is poor poor Howard. Stuck under the deck with eyes popping out of his head and shaking like a leaf. OH MY GOD!!!! I was like a crazy person -- super human strength and all as I grab the giant planter barrel full of dirt and haul it away from the deck. I thought - Oh crap I'm going to have to start taking up the deck!!! Luckily, with some coaxing he was able to slither out after I moved the barrel. He was shaking so badly! I have no idea how long he was stuck under there. And I couldn't figure out how he got under there -- then I came upon the trench he had dug to china on the other side. He must have gone in and then he couldn't turn around to get back out. He's huge, when he stands on all 4's with his head up he measures 44 inches to the top of his head. Our lower deck is only 14 inches off the ground. Idiot!

Then the fight with Molly....She went to a restaurant Friday night until 11:45 with the cast so I figured - Great, we're going to skip the fight. No such luck. Saturday night I pick her up...

M: "Megan and I were the ONLY two not going to the cast party and her mother is over protective! (hmm, was that a subtle dig at me?) Next year I'm taking off the whole weekend so that I can go!"

Me: Molly, you can take off, but you will not be going to an all night cast party.

M: WHY NOT?! Everyone goes!!!! The entire cast is there but ME!

Me: First of all, I stopped succumbing to peer pressure 25 years ago so "everyone else" doesn't mean a damn thing to me. Second, because you are in HIGH SCHOOL and you are not going to stay out all night at some coed sleepover party!


6:45 am on the way to dropping Molly off at work. She's texting.

Me: who are you texting this early in the morning?

M: Pat! He said they ate my birthday cake during the party. sniff sniff (never mind that they had a birthday cake for her back stage Friday and that Pat is just yanking her chain)


M: Well, It's Just Not FAAAIIIIIRRR!

Me: Molly, I have had it with this after every play. If you can't be in the play without going to the all night cast party, then don't tryout for any more plays! I've told you before, you can go until midnight if you can leave without the meltdown (she called me three times from a Christmas party begging to stay past 11pm). I'm not going to compromise any further than that. If that's not acceptable to you, then so be it. We are finished with this conversation!

Honestly -- am I being unreasonable here?

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