Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Today I Must Sing!

Oh sweet mystery of life at last I found you.....

Honestly, I'm completely addicted to red Lindor balls, but holy shmoly these little green ones are awesome, too! We swung in the Lindt store to buy just one bag, of course we wanted to try these green ones so that meant two bags but then at the counter they were having a special so now we have THREE bags of Lindor balls! That's 57 ounces of Lindor ball love is what that is! This is not good for the "10 lbs gone by Memorial Day" campaign. No, not good at all.

I made a roast chicken last night that was super yummy. Here's what I did...

7.5 lb roaster

fresh rosemary


1 lemon

1 small onion (red or sweet white whatever)

salt and coarse ground pepper

Rinse, pat dry, and sprinkle some salt and pepper into chicken. Place in roasting pan. Quarter the lemon and the onion. Cram them into the cavity of the chicken (alternating). Cram in some rosemary and thyme. Brush chicken with good olive oil (I do this pretty generously). Sprinkle outside with salt and pepper (generously). Remove rosemary from stems and sprinkle (generously) on top of chicken. Sprinkle on some thyme, too. Bake in the oven at 400 degrees for about 2 to 2.5 hours. I don't have a photo, but it sure is good!

I also made Impossibly Easy Cheesecake. Molly loves it! I made two for a party once and they went really fast.

And, can I just tell you...

I love this dog!

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