Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Molly's Vacation!

Molly's friend turned 16. Her mother took her and Molly and two friends to the beach for the weekend to celebrate. They stayed at the best hotel right on the beach and had a great time. Molly got home very excited about the experience. She had a gazillion photos which she showed me one by one with commentary. What started out with full sentence responses turned into random noises...ahh, huh, ohhh, wow, mmmm etc. because literally you could have fanned the photos and made a movie of the weekend without missing a second of the action! :o) It sounded something like this...And then, and here we, and it was HILLLLAAAAARRRIIOUS! and then, and then, and then I said and then she said and it was HILLLAAARRRIIIOUUS! and then, and then we went, and then we did and it was FREEEEEZZZZIINNNNGG! and it was HILLLALRRRRAIIIIOUUUSS~! You get the idea. Then came the dreaded sentence...

M: I want to do something like this for my birthday!

Me: Of course you do. What did you have in mind?

M: A cruise.

Me: A cruise???? you mean like around the harbor?

M: No! A cruise cruise!

Me: Okay, how long have you been using crack? (LOL I didn't really say that!)
Okay, reality check time -- now, where would you really like to go? Chuckie Cheese? the movies? She didn't think that was funny.

Speaking of funny...Look at this photo which is my favorite from her weekend away.

That is my daughter with her head thrown back laughing. She and I have the exact same laugh. I love that! We laugh like that together every day, because unfortunately my sense of humor is still back in high school. But anyway, that photo makes me laugh every time I see it because she and I laugh with our entire bodies. It's not a chuckle, it's a full blown howl with tears and near peeing involved. My husband is totally stoic with a dry sense of humor so he is usually just looking at me like "wow" and I ... I'm like "come onnnn! you don't think that's hilarious?" Oh, and I laugh at all of my own jokes. Molly and I, we're two peas in a pod. I love that.