Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just when I thought I had dodged the bullet

Kellie said to me this morning. I sure hope the tooth fairy takes my tooth tonight! OH CRAP! Here we go again. Me: Why would the tooth fairy come back for it? Kellie: Because she collects them!!! -- Like I'm the viliage idiot. And she can read (better than my 5th grader) so I can't plaster notes to myself all over the house! Maybe money in the ol' bra. Of course, I've tried that before, but by the time I go to bed I'm so sleepy that I don't even see it fall to the floor and then the next morning husband says "what's this dollar on the floor of the bathroom?" Oooops, is toothless kid awake yet? Do I still have time for an impressive stealthy maneuver? usually not, hence another lie and yet another year burning in the fires of hell. Doomed. That's me. Doomed. hmmm, maybe I am the villiage idiot! LOL

Speaking of doomed. Remember the screw the cleaning I'm sewing comment of yesterday....husband drops the "I'm taking the morning off today" bomb on me this morning. HUUUUHHH? Why? so much for goofing off all day! It turned into: Have you made coffee yet, what's for breakfast, I'll go with you to Target and the grocery store, what's for lunch, when's the last time you scooped dog mess, what is all this spinning stuff (wool) doing all over the living room. Tactical error on my part there! The MD Sheep and Wool is May 3rd and I was looking to see what I had before I go...big mistake not hiding this stuff.

You can see from this stack that I have really no need to even go to sheep and wool, but has that ever stopped me before?

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