Monday, April 21, 2008

Holy Shmoly What a Weekend!

These just opened in my garden...
Saturday night was Molly's big "Spring Formal" with a date. She worked until 12noon, hair appointment at 3pm ooooo
photos at 5pm ooooo
Poor Molly has a little list in this photo because her heels were sinking! :o) Then it was off to dinner at 6pm, dance at 7pm and home at 10:30pm. Then she was back to work at 7am Sunday morning. Wooh! Date was too cute. So shy and sweet (he's 15). They had a great time. Molly said "mom there were some trashhhhhy girls there tonight!" I did witness some rather interesting dresses while I was dropping them off. I'm glad Molly is so conservative. I at least don't have to worry about her clothing. Mark got mad because I had the talk with Molly a few weeks ago about boys, dates, std's, drinking/drugs, babies, reputations, etc. Mark was not happy. He wants to think of her as his sweet little girl. I on the other hand want to make sure she has her head out of her ass when she is with boys. I started off with "boys will sleep with anything Molly - ANY THING! you are thinking "ooooh, I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love" and they are thinking "I'm going to score this and then call Joe and see whats up". Honestly, I had a shocker last summer. I was driving Jason and his friend (both 15) and Molly and her friend (both 14) to the movies and they were talking about some girl in 9th grade who was pregnant. (9th grade is when she had the baby, which meant she was pregnant in 8th grade) Jason's friend said "hhhh, she should of just had an abortion and been done with it." I damn near recked the car! This is the kind of boys my daughter will be dating in a few years! I couldn't keep my mouth shut. Even Jason seemed uncomfortable with the kids comment. I reminded Molly of that conversation during our talk. She is a smart girl, but it's scary business. They know too much now, you have to have these talks, unfortunately. In sixth grade Molly came home and said some girl was "cutting" because she was upset about a boy. sixth grade!!! Last week she said some girl was out of school for a few weeks because her mother had her put in the hospital for addiction after she found out that she was using pain medication and was passing them out to her friends. And we live in a really good area with schools rated in the top 10 for the state! Can we go back to preschool now, I've seen/heard enough.

I'm in the mood to make some clothes for the kids...nothing fancy
Sleep pants for Molly and Kellie
I got this fabric for Jason's sleep pants but he hates them both.

I said "Jas, these were the only guy fabrics I could find unless you want pirates and cowboys" He said (to my shock) yeah! get the cowboys and pirates. Now if I had bought those fabrics first he would have said no way. I can't keep up. And no pants for Ryan because he is my hillbilly boy who sleeps in just his boxers all year round! when asked, he said "I don't wear stuff like that." yeah, sleep pants are over the top aren't they?
Two tops for Kellie

Some skirts for Kellie

Some dresses for Kellie
On another topic, the hamster died around Easter. Ya HOOOO! One less cage, one less animal. I know I'm heartless, but I was the only one who fed the thing or cleaned the cage. And now...Gee, look what Mark bought Kellie...
Meet Marigold and Bluebell. Oh boy. I'm just so pleased. So very very pleased.

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miss chris said...

Oh Mary... I hear you on this thing with the kids... LOUD and CLEAR!!! My 12 year old is on the cusp of all that and I'm terrified. I think it's great that you are so up front with Molly... She sounds like a good girl. :) Ack. Kids these days. I swear it was never this bad when we were in school!