Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good Times At The Mall

Well, Jason and Molly needed new shorts for spring. Off to the mall last night for two hours of shopping fun with a 16 year old boy who hates to shop and an almost 15 year old girl who loves nothing more than shopping. I had some Big Big sticker shock! Apparently they wouldn't be caught dead in Old Navy! Honestly, I went in to see what they had for Ryan and Kellie and they really didn't have anything. I heard they are going out of business and looking at the store last night I can believe it. It's a shame though because I was able to get most of my kids clothes from there without spending a fortune. And after last nights purchase at American Eagle of two bags of clothes and a price tag of over $500, yeah, $500 - are you freakin' kidding me???! I'm not looking forward to shopping there again any time soon. Jason's weren't that bad, but Molly, miss "oh, I just love this top wouldn't it be cute with these shorts?" was the reason for the bulk of the purchase price. Shorts $40, tops $40 -- money does not go far in American Eagle and their sales --- they put things on sale for like $29.95. Woohoo. Big savings there :o( -- I told her that I was counting some of the stuff as birthday gifts and her Canada clothes. Oh for the days of Old Navy when I would take all four kids and leave with eight shopping bags full of clothes for $600. I'm just glad that I'm finished with Jason and Molly - What a chore! By the time we got in the car at 9:05 pm they were reduced to bickering about who should be in the front seat this time and a shoving match was starting. I was pretty much in the parking lot losing me mind and growling through gritted teeth ... "Just get in the damn car before I leave you both here!"

Loud, good God are they loud. Molly is obsessed with Grease because she had tryouts for the play over the weekend. She was playing This and singing at the top of her lungs all the way home from the mall (actually, all the way home from school, all the way to the mall AND all the way home from the mall). It was actually pretty funny. Jason...poor Jason. He was forced to shop, forced to wait while Molly tried on everything and then forced to listen to her sing (over and over and over and over again). There was a moment when I feared for Molly's life though as he started to climb over the seat to get her. Oh for the days of this

Honestly, they are still as close as they were then...just more obnoxious. :o)