Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Family Humiliations

We are a two umbrella family at the beach...we take our Irish heritage for what it is...fair skin and freckles and we turn bright red and spotted when exposed to sun. I am lily white all year and if you saw all the skin cancer my father has had to deal with in the past year alone, you would be lily white as well. Anyhoo. I came across these photos today and I just had to post about them.

Like I said, we are a two umbrella family. We knew that one was broken. I wanted to stop at the lovely "Sunsations" to purchase a new umbrella and chair on the way to the beach. DH refused, "it'll be fine." hmmm.

I ask you...would you sit on a public beach like this? Surely not. I unfortunately had to sit close enough that people knew I was with him. The bottom half of the pole was bent so badly that it couldn't be used so he is only using the top portion! And that chair he is sitting on is falling apart too - you should see how frayed it is. He has had it as long as I've known him (yes, he still has it) and that's 21 years...21 years with the same beach much are beach chairs? I know I could buy one myself, but honestly, I never think of it until we are on the way to the beach and he pulls this one out. At that point it's too late...once he's strapped into the car there is no stopping! I mean NO STOPPING...ask my poor kids. And why didn't we just rent an umbrella...well, we did once they opened but this humiliation was hard to recover from. We have since purchased a new umbrella, but the chair --- he has some kind of strange attachment to it that I just don't understand.

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