Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Crafty Sewing

I made some dresses for Kellie's Sylvanian Families dolls.

(In this photo, I only made the two purple dresses and the striped baby skirt, but the other babies are so cute I put them in there anyway.)

The directions are all in Japanese, but easy to figure out. These are the sweetest toys. I get them from here and here. The animals are only 3.5 inches for the Moms and Dads, 3 inches for the brothers and sisters, and the babies are only 1.5 inches.

I have all of these craft books from 1 thru 10. They have the cutest patterns for clothes, accessories, furniture, food, you name it to put in your doll house.

You can also find these toys (and sometimes these books) on ebay, too.

On another note, the new windows were supposed to be installed yesterday and today, but because of the rain (not here but close by) they decided to come today and tomorrow, which turned into tomorrow and Thursday. rrrrrr. I want my new windows and IT'S NOT RAINING HERE!!!!! Apparently, the weather screwed up their other jobs over the weekend so that pushed us back. They better be here tomorrow - I feel like I'm in limbo. I hate that.


miss chris said...

You are so sweet to make those tiny dresses! Cute. Good luck with the in-limbo-windows...!

Cindy said...

Mary these are cute little dresses!! Wow you have great sewing skills, I cannot sew anything that intricate!