Monday, April 7, 2008

18 Years Today!

18 Years!!! Zowie! Some days it feels like 50 - other days...more like 49 :o) Just kidding. I'm not sure what shocks me more...the fact that I've been married this long, or that I have a 16 year old child! Then I look in the mirror and see the 15 pounds that I've gained, the subtle wrinkles, the hair color and think Oh yeah...I'm that old. I'm hoping to lose 10 pounds by Memorial Day.

Luckily, this is all that's left of my Easter basket

so as long as I don't buy or make any of my favorite junk food I should good. Now that my knee feels better I'm going to get back to walking Howard again. That really makes a difference. But, today is cold, rainy, and I have to take Kellie to the Dentist at 1 pm because her big teeth are coming in but the baby teeth don't want to leave. Not a pretty picture. I'm thinking this will not be good news for Miss Kel.

Mark has been buying all the old sitcoms for Kellie...The Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island, I Dream of Jeannie, Happy Days, and Emergency (which makes me laugh just to say it -- Oh, and he took Ryan to get Johnnie Gages autograph last weekend! HAHAHA -- That just kills me) Anyhoo, I have been begging and begging for him to buy Little House on the Prairie for weeks and weeks. He kept saying "ugh, little house on the prairie????" like that was some how more offensive than EMERGENCY!!!! Well, Little House on the Prairie was my all time favorite show when I was a kid. I even remember the time I was punished and couldn't watch it. My brother snuck a radio into my room and I had to listen to it. Not nearly as amazing an experience as actually watching Laura in action, but at least I didn't miss a single mind gripping, nail biting minute of it. So guess what...yesterday in honor of our anniversary today HE BOUGHT LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE SEASON 1!!! Hallelujah, hallelujah, hal laa lu ya! LOL. Seriously, I will be much to busy watching this today to do any cleaning or laundry. I hope I have time to make dinner since it is our anniversary and all, but you just never know what that Laura is going to get into so I can't make any promises.


miss chris said...

:) We got LHotP Season 1 for Christmas and we LOVE it. Careful though, best watch 'em with a full box of kleenex. Now they make me cry!!

And congratulations on 18 years!! Woohoo!

Cindy said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy Little House, I cry too :) I think its funny your husband is buying the old shows we grew up on for your dtr. I always try to get my girls to watch em, but they just don't get it. Hannah Montana, Yuck!