Wednesday, April 30, 2008

That's Just - WRONG.

Picture my two sweet little girls at the table enjoying a scrumptious snack of oh so fabulous wholesome animal cracker cookies. Little hand goes into the bag to sample just a little more of the yummy goodness and pulls out this...

Those kinky cookie bakin' bastards. Is nothing sacred? :o)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Today I Must Sing!

Oh sweet mystery of life at last I found you.....

Honestly, I'm completely addicted to red Lindor balls, but holy shmoly these little green ones are awesome, too! We swung in the Lindt store to buy just one bag, of course we wanted to try these green ones so that meant two bags but then at the counter they were having a special so now we have THREE bags of Lindor balls! That's 57 ounces of Lindor ball love is what that is! This is not good for the "10 lbs gone by Memorial Day" campaign. No, not good at all.

I made a roast chicken last night that was super yummy. Here's what I did...

7.5 lb roaster

fresh rosemary


1 lemon

1 small onion (red or sweet white whatever)

salt and coarse ground pepper

Rinse, pat dry, and sprinkle some salt and pepper into chicken. Place in roasting pan. Quarter the lemon and the onion. Cram them into the cavity of the chicken (alternating). Cram in some rosemary and thyme. Brush chicken with good olive oil (I do this pretty generously). Sprinkle outside with salt and pepper (generously). Remove rosemary from stems and sprinkle (generously) on top of chicken. Sprinkle on some thyme, too. Bake in the oven at 400 degrees for about 2 to 2.5 hours. I don't have a photo, but it sure is good!

I also made Impossibly Easy Cheesecake. Molly loves it! I made two for a party once and they went really fast.

And, can I just tell you...

I love this dog!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Trauma AND Drama, oh boy!

The dogs were outside...
Me: Molly where's Howard?
Molly: I don't know.
We look all over for him. Can't find him. I'm beginning to panic. I'm out back - turn to go back up the deck steps and there looking out from UNDER the lower deck from between two big planter barrels is poor poor Howard. Stuck under the deck with eyes popping out of his head and shaking like a leaf. OH MY GOD!!!! I was like a crazy person -- super human strength and all as I grab the giant planter barrel full of dirt and haul it away from the deck. I thought - Oh crap I'm going to have to start taking up the deck!!! Luckily, with some coaxing he was able to slither out after I moved the barrel. He was shaking so badly! I have no idea how long he was stuck under there. And I couldn't figure out how he got under there -- then I came upon the trench he had dug to china on the other side. He must have gone in and then he couldn't turn around to get back out. He's huge, when he stands on all 4's with his head up he measures 44 inches to the top of his head. Our lower deck is only 14 inches off the ground. Idiot!

Then the fight with Molly....She went to a restaurant Friday night until 11:45 with the cast so I figured - Great, we're going to skip the fight. No such luck. Saturday night I pick her up...

M: "Megan and I were the ONLY two not going to the cast party and her mother is over protective! (hmm, was that a subtle dig at me?) Next year I'm taking off the whole weekend so that I can go!"

Me: Molly, you can take off, but you will not be going to an all night cast party.

M: WHY NOT?! Everyone goes!!!! The entire cast is there but ME!

Me: First of all, I stopped succumbing to peer pressure 25 years ago so "everyone else" doesn't mean a damn thing to me. Second, because you are in HIGH SCHOOL and you are not going to stay out all night at some coed sleepover party!


6:45 am on the way to dropping Molly off at work. She's texting.

Me: who are you texting this early in the morning?

M: Pat! He said they ate my birthday cake during the party. sniff sniff (never mind that they had a birthday cake for her back stage Friday and that Pat is just yanking her chain)


M: Well, It's Just Not FAAAIIIIIRRR!

Me: Molly, I have had it with this after every play. If you can't be in the play without going to the all night cast party, then don't tryout for any more plays! I've told you before, you can go until midnight if you can leave without the meltdown (she called me three times from a Christmas party begging to stay past 11pm). I'm not going to compromise any further than that. If that's not acceptable to you, then so be it. We are finished with this conversation!

Honestly -- am I being unreasonable here?

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Weekend - AGAIN?!

Happy Birthday Molly -- 15 today!

Her play Clue is tonight and tomorrow night. She's been getting home from school at 2:15 and going right back from 5 pm to 10:30 pm every night this week for practice. She is exhausted! She said she fell asleep during the entire first half of practice last night! They woke her during intermission so that she would be ready for her part. Poor kid. The drama teacher is an idiot for running them down like this...they will all be so tired they wont be able to perform!
After the last play the drama teacher was having a cast party at her house (a coed sleepover with her as the only chaperon) hmmm, is it just me or is her head up her ass? Molly was really upset because Mark and I said absolutely not going to happen. Last night Molly mentioned on her way up to bed that there would be a cast party at some kids house this weekend. I don't think so. I'm hoping its Saturday night, because she works Sunday morning at 7 am so she will realize that it can't even be considered. Anyway...I guess I should prepare for a fight with Molly because I'm sure it's coming when she gets home from school today.
This day already started off on a bad note. Kellie and I were at the bus stop and noticed that we forgot to brush her hair. She doesn't have a melt down, but she can be such a crappy kid when she's mad. Lots of attitude. Then as she is getting on the bus the kid in front of her swung his trumpet case and nailed her in the head with it. At that point she was ready to kill someone ... no tears, but her expression can put the fear of God in you. :o) I felt it was my responsibility to protect the public from danger, so off the bus, home for some hairdo fixin' and then into the car. She seemed to be over the drama of it all as she went into the school. Today is an early dismissal so they will be right back here at 1:15 pm .... NOOOOOOO, say it isn't so. I hate half days. It screws up the entire day...and I have to prepare for the Molly cast party fight...and for now, I hear the butt cake calling me so I'm going to grab some coffee and make friends with some chocolate.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Goodbye cracked window...

Goodbye fogged window...

Hello gorgeous new windows

Normally I don't get a thing done while workmen are in my house, but yesterday I was so very very productive! I was able to cut out all the stuff for the kids!

12 items all cut out and ready to sew! Yaaaahoooie! Now today I can assembly line sew them (which is my favorite way to sew clothes). Remember the two fabrics that Jason hated...well, I went back and got these two for his sleep pants. (very masculine for a 16 year old - don't ya think?)

I also made this chocolate bundt cake yesterday.

With this boxed mix. It makes the best cake. Really, really moist and I just sprinkle powdered sugar over it. Super yummie.

Anyway, Ryan loves it. He comes in the door yesterday from school and says at the top of his lungs..."Oh yeah! Butt cake - I love it!" Ah, Ryan there's an ND in there. It's B U N D T cake not Butt cake. He turns 10 shades of red and bursts out laughing. Well, I thought the window guys were going to fall out the window - they were laughing so hard. It was the funniest thing ever. I will be writing that one down in our "kid quotes" book today for sure! He's so cute. I hope you have a happy day, too.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Crafty Sewing

I made some dresses for Kellie's Sylvanian Families dolls.

(In this photo, I only made the two purple dresses and the striped baby skirt, but the other babies are so cute I put them in there anyway.)

The directions are all in Japanese, but easy to figure out. These are the sweetest toys. I get them from here and here. The animals are only 3.5 inches for the Moms and Dads, 3 inches for the brothers and sisters, and the babies are only 1.5 inches.

I have all of these craft books from 1 thru 10. They have the cutest patterns for clothes, accessories, furniture, food, you name it to put in your doll house.

You can also find these toys (and sometimes these books) on ebay, too.

On another note, the new windows were supposed to be installed yesterday and today, but because of the rain (not here but close by) they decided to come today and tomorrow, which turned into tomorrow and Thursday. rrrrrr. I want my new windows and IT'S NOT RAINING HERE!!!!! Apparently, the weather screwed up their other jobs over the weekend so that pushed us back. They better be here tomorrow - I feel like I'm in limbo. I hate that.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Holy Shmoly What a Weekend!

These just opened in my garden...
Saturday night was Molly's big "Spring Formal" with a date. She worked until 12noon, hair appointment at 3pm ooooo
photos at 5pm ooooo
Poor Molly has a little list in this photo because her heels were sinking! :o) Then it was off to dinner at 6pm, dance at 7pm and home at 10:30pm. Then she was back to work at 7am Sunday morning. Wooh! Date was too cute. So shy and sweet (he's 15). They had a great time. Molly said "mom there were some trashhhhhy girls there tonight!" I did witness some rather interesting dresses while I was dropping them off. I'm glad Molly is so conservative. I at least don't have to worry about her clothing. Mark got mad because I had the talk with Molly a few weeks ago about boys, dates, std's, drinking/drugs, babies, reputations, etc. Mark was not happy. He wants to think of her as his sweet little girl. I on the other hand want to make sure she has her head out of her ass when she is with boys. I started off with "boys will sleep with anything Molly - ANY THING! you are thinking "ooooh, I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love" and they are thinking "I'm going to score this and then call Joe and see whats up". Honestly, I had a shocker last summer. I was driving Jason and his friend (both 15) and Molly and her friend (both 14) to the movies and they were talking about some girl in 9th grade who was pregnant. (9th grade is when she had the baby, which meant she was pregnant in 8th grade) Jason's friend said "hhhh, she should of just had an abortion and been done with it." I damn near recked the car! This is the kind of boys my daughter will be dating in a few years! I couldn't keep my mouth shut. Even Jason seemed uncomfortable with the kids comment. I reminded Molly of that conversation during our talk. She is a smart girl, but it's scary business. They know too much now, you have to have these talks, unfortunately. In sixth grade Molly came home and said some girl was "cutting" because she was upset about a boy. sixth grade!!! Last week she said some girl was out of school for a few weeks because her mother had her put in the hospital for addiction after she found out that she was using pain medication and was passing them out to her friends. And we live in a really good area with schools rated in the top 10 for the state! Can we go back to preschool now, I've seen/heard enough.

I'm in the mood to make some clothes for the kids...nothing fancy
Sleep pants for Molly and Kellie
I got this fabric for Jason's sleep pants but he hates them both.

I said "Jas, these were the only guy fabrics I could find unless you want pirates and cowboys" He said (to my shock) yeah! get the cowboys and pirates. Now if I had bought those fabrics first he would have said no way. I can't keep up. And no pants for Ryan because he is my hillbilly boy who sleeps in just his boxers all year round! when asked, he said "I don't wear stuff like that." yeah, sleep pants are over the top aren't they?
Two tops for Kellie

Some skirts for Kellie

Some dresses for Kellie
On another topic, the hamster died around Easter. Ya HOOOO! One less cage, one less animal. I know I'm heartless, but I was the only one who fed the thing or cleaned the cage. And now...Gee, look what Mark bought Kellie...
Meet Marigold and Bluebell. Oh boy. I'm just so pleased. So very very pleased.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Family Humiliations

We are a two umbrella family at the beach...we take our Irish heritage for what it is...fair skin and freckles and we turn bright red and spotted when exposed to sun. I am lily white all year and if you saw all the skin cancer my father has had to deal with in the past year alone, you would be lily white as well. Anyhoo. I came across these photos today and I just had to post about them.

Like I said, we are a two umbrella family. We knew that one was broken. I wanted to stop at the lovely "Sunsations" to purchase a new umbrella and chair on the way to the beach. DH refused, "it'll be fine." hmmm.

I ask you...would you sit on a public beach like this? Surely not. I unfortunately had to sit close enough that people knew I was with him. The bottom half of the pole was bent so badly that it couldn't be used so he is only using the top portion! And that chair he is sitting on is falling apart too - you should see how frayed it is. He has had it as long as I've known him (yes, he still has it) and that's 21 years...21 years with the same beach much are beach chairs? I know I could buy one myself, but honestly, I never think of it until we are on the way to the beach and he pulls this one out. At that point it's too late...once he's strapped into the car there is no stopping! I mean NO STOPPING...ask my poor kids. And why didn't we just rent an umbrella...well, we did once they opened but this humiliation was hard to recover from. We have since purchased a new umbrella, but the chair --- he has some kind of strange attachment to it that I just don't understand.

Molly update...

Molly got the email last night that she will be Patty Simcox for the Grease play. She's the goofy cheerleader. Hooray for Molly! She's very excited. I hope I'm not responsible for her outfit in this photo...I have enough mommy guilt.

Have you seen these blogs?...random, but I love anything French, so I find myself checking these everyday. This guy takes a photo of himself doing what ever at 9:09 am every day (since 2002). Strange guy, but I keep checking it 09h09 This guy takes scenic photos with information, I like to see what is happening in France. ParisDailyPhoto
I have to is a pig pen and we are running out of clean clothes. I'll be back later. Have a great day.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good Times At The Mall

Well, Jason and Molly needed new shorts for spring. Off to the mall last night for two hours of shopping fun with a 16 year old boy who hates to shop and an almost 15 year old girl who loves nothing more than shopping. I had some Big Big sticker shock! Apparently they wouldn't be caught dead in Old Navy! Honestly, I went in to see what they had for Ryan and Kellie and they really didn't have anything. I heard they are going out of business and looking at the store last night I can believe it. It's a shame though because I was able to get most of my kids clothes from there without spending a fortune. And after last nights purchase at American Eagle of two bags of clothes and a price tag of over $500, yeah, $500 - are you freakin' kidding me???! I'm not looking forward to shopping there again any time soon. Jason's weren't that bad, but Molly, miss "oh, I just love this top wouldn't it be cute with these shorts?" was the reason for the bulk of the purchase price. Shorts $40, tops $40 -- money does not go far in American Eagle and their sales --- they put things on sale for like $29.95. Woohoo. Big savings there :o( -- I told her that I was counting some of the stuff as birthday gifts and her Canada clothes. Oh for the days of Old Navy when I would take all four kids and leave with eight shopping bags full of clothes for $600. I'm just glad that I'm finished with Jason and Molly - What a chore! By the time we got in the car at 9:05 pm they were reduced to bickering about who should be in the front seat this time and a shoving match was starting. I was pretty much in the parking lot losing me mind and growling through gritted teeth ... "Just get in the damn car before I leave you both here!"

Loud, good God are they loud. Molly is obsessed with Grease because she had tryouts for the play over the weekend. She was playing This and singing at the top of her lungs all the way home from the mall (actually, all the way home from school, all the way to the mall AND all the way home from the mall). It was actually pretty funny. Jason...poor Jason. He was forced to shop, forced to wait while Molly tried on everything and then forced to listen to her sing (over and over and over and over again). There was a moment when I feared for Molly's life though as he started to climb over the seat to get her. Oh for the days of this

Honestly, they are still as close as they were then...just more obnoxious. :o)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Finally Spring!

We are finally getting some signs of spring here! The weather has been all over the place. This morning it is so cold that I am running the pellet stove, but by Thursday it's going to be 78 degrees! I took this photo this morning while we waited for the school bus in our driveway. I love this time of year.

I did get the sleeves sewn on my other two wall hangings and I made this little pendent. It needs some tweaking, but it was fun to make.

I'm still trying to work out how I want to make the mobile for my kitchen. I'm hoping to get to that today.

I pulled out Ryan's quilt yesterday, too. Clearly this is not a quilt that an 11 year old boy would want on his bed!

I started this quilt in 1997. I took a long time to finish the top because I kept getting sidetracked. It's been finished for a few years though and I've been slowly quilting it a little here and there. Anyway, I still love this quilt. It's hand appliqued and I'm hand quilting it. I've decided to try to quilt a block a day so I can get it finished. I hate unfinished quilts...they cause me a great deal of guilt. This quilt is from a K.P.Kids book but I can't remember the name of it.

Last night Mark and I watched "About Schmidt". iiiiiii, it was so depressing. I think I liked it a little but the overall feeling was too sad for me. Have you seen it?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Look what the mailman brought me yesterday...

And I got the binding and sleeve on this last night after school!

I have sleeves to sew on two more little wall hangings today and then I'm going to make a mobile for my kitchen. Doesn't that sound fun? I also want to needle felt a pendant -- big, big plans for today and this weekend in the crafting department! Mark will be gone all day tomorrow and Jason and Molly are working so I should be able to get a lot accomplished. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just when I thought I had dodged the bullet

Kellie said to me this morning. I sure hope the tooth fairy takes my tooth tonight! OH CRAP! Here we go again. Me: Why would the tooth fairy come back for it? Kellie: Because she collects them!!! -- Like I'm the viliage idiot. And she can read (better than my 5th grader) so I can't plaster notes to myself all over the house! Maybe money in the ol' bra. Of course, I've tried that before, but by the time I go to bed I'm so sleepy that I don't even see it fall to the floor and then the next morning husband says "what's this dollar on the floor of the bathroom?" Oooops, is toothless kid awake yet? Do I still have time for an impressive stealthy maneuver? usually not, hence another lie and yet another year burning in the fires of hell. Doomed. That's me. Doomed. hmmm, maybe I am the villiage idiot! LOL

Speaking of doomed. Remember the screw the cleaning I'm sewing comment of yesterday....husband drops the "I'm taking the morning off today" bomb on me this morning. HUUUUHHH? Why? so much for goofing off all day! It turned into: Have you made coffee yet, what's for breakfast, I'll go with you to Target and the grocery store, what's for lunch, when's the last time you scooped dog mess, what is all this spinning stuff (wool) doing all over the living room. Tactical error on my part there! The MD Sheep and Wool is May 3rd and I was looking to see what I had before I go...big mistake not hiding this stuff.

You can see from this stack that I have really no need to even go to sheep and wool, but has that ever stopped me before?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lessons Learned in the last 24 hours

I have learned two very important lessons in the past 15 hours and I feel it's my duty to the world to pass them on...

1. Don't have a temper tantrum in front of teens.

Picture if you will 9:45pm. 42 year old mother returning home after a grueling 2 hours of court reporter theory class where she is trying to learn a code concocted by some sadist who should be shot. She enters the home to find...

1. first grader still up, teeth not brushed

2. fifth grader still up, teeth not brushed, homework not finished

3. All the dirty dishes from dinner piled, still filled with what was left of dinner, in the sink and precariously stacked with quiet a list going on and Howard steppin up to help.

4. Husband on sofa reading

5. teen daughter on computer IMing her 20 closest friends - all at the same time

6. teen son on XBOX360 Live killing everyone in sight

Haggard 42 year old mother goes into a temper tantrum any 3 year old would envy. Read with squeaky imminent nervous breakdown voice: "Well, isn't this nice that I'm back in school to learn this God forsaken code to get a job so that my precious children can go to any college they wish without a care...never mind that I did the laundry, made dinner and oh yes, drove Jason to drivers ed and Molly to her play practice and what do I get...A sink full of dirty dishes at damn near 10 o'clock at night with a clean dishwasher mere inches away! And kids who should have been in bed at 8:30 are still running around. And don't even tell me that the dogs haven't been fed or that Norman hasn't had his medication!!!! You have about 30 seconds to get this together before I flip out! One of these days I'm going to pack my bags and move to New York and go to the Rhode Island School of Design and I'll see you once a year when I visit! Maybe! (so there)

Jason: Ah, Mom I hate to break it to you but that school isn't in New York it's in Rhode Island and I'll tell you what you always told me...anything you pack during this temper tantrum you'll have to put away yourself cause I'm not helping. BAAHHHHAHAAHAHAH!

Me: Shut up Jason!

This morning. Screw the diet! I'm having left over Banana Cream Pie THAT I MADE FOR MY PRECIOUS FAMILY YESTERDAY!!!! for breakfast.

2. Cleaning is dangerous business.

What I really want to do today is get out my sewing machine and sew the binding and sleeve on a few little quilts and get them hung. But first, I better vacuum since I'm apparently still here and God knows no one else is going to do it. And I really should do some school work before fun stuff like sewing. So, I drag out the vacuum and I'm going to be supper speedy with this because if nothing else I'm efficient if not under appreciated. I'm vacuuming, vacuuming, vacuuming! Then I go to step up into the kitchen from the family room with the vacuum in hand and....fall, splat, flat on my face in a heap of cord and machine - it wasn't quiet or lady like. It was so impressive, my triple lutz, that Norman got up from Howard's bed to see and Howard looked over the back of the couch from his nap like...What the hell? So now I have a bruise on both knees, five more pounds on my body from that pie and haven't even started the school work yet! and by 2:15 dear sweet teens will need their personal servant to be in fine form and on the ball to fulfill their every demand!

I am getting a little revenge though...Tuna fish sandwiches and Mac and Cheese for dinner tonight and tomorrow...screw the cleaning, I'm sewing! hehehe - Jason hates tuna sandwiches and homemade mac and cheese. BAHAHHAHHAHAHHA! :o)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Molly's Vacation!

Molly's friend turned 16. Her mother took her and Molly and two friends to the beach for the weekend to celebrate. They stayed at the best hotel right on the beach and had a great time. Molly got home very excited about the experience. She had a gazillion photos which she showed me one by one with commentary. What started out with full sentence responses turned into random noises...ahh, huh, ohhh, wow, mmmm etc. because literally you could have fanned the photos and made a movie of the weekend without missing a second of the action! :o) It sounded something like this...And then, and here we, and it was HILLLLAAAAARRRIIOUS! and then, and then, and then I said and then she said and it was HILLLAAARRRIIIOUUS! and then, and then we went, and then we did and it was FREEEEEZZZZIINNNNGG! and it was HILLLALRRRRAIIIIOUUUSS~! You get the idea. Then came the dreaded sentence...

M: I want to do something like this for my birthday!

Me: Of course you do. What did you have in mind?

M: A cruise.

Me: A cruise???? you mean like around the harbor?

M: No! A cruise cruise!

Me: Okay, how long have you been using crack? (LOL I didn't really say that!)
Okay, reality check time -- now, where would you really like to go? Chuckie Cheese? the movies? She didn't think that was funny.

Speaking of funny...Look at this photo which is my favorite from her weekend away.

That is my daughter with her head thrown back laughing. She and I have the exact same laugh. I love that! We laugh like that together every day, because unfortunately my sense of humor is still back in high school. But anyway, that photo makes me laugh every time I see it because she and I laugh with our entire bodies. It's not a chuckle, it's a full blown howl with tears and near peeing involved. My husband is totally stoic with a dry sense of humor so he is usually just looking at me like "wow" and I ... I'm like "come onnnn! you don't think that's hilarious?" Oh, and I laugh at all of my own jokes. Molly and I, we're two peas in a pod. I love that.

The Tooth Fairy SUCKS!

Those were the words I woke up to this morning, followed by my two oldest laughing. Because you see Kellie's dental visit didn't go so well. Sitting in the waiting room I told her "The Dentist is only going to take a peek today. You may have to have the baby tooth pulled, but not today. You'll go to a special office and they will put you to sleep..." and my tooth to sleep too? "yes, your tooth will be asleep too so it wont hurt a bit. When you wake up everthing will be finished and just fine." Five minutes after Kellie is in the chair, out comes the Dentist..."I'm going to pull that tooth now so she'll be just a few more minutes." ME>>>>>WHAT?!!!! YOU"RE PULLING THE TOOTH? NOW? Hmm, I think he thought I didn't think he was capable, but honest to God fear ripped through me! :o[ My poor baby who is already petrified of the dentist was trapped in that chair with this MANIAC after I told her it wouldn't be today. Anyway, I hear her chatting, I hear her laugh and then I hear her scream and start to cry. At that point I was ready to buy her anything...Pony, Parakeet, name it. That was my baby in there having a tooth RIPPED out of her mouth! But, crying stopped, I heard her chatting, and I heard her laugh so forget the Pony, forget the Parakeet, forget Disney she'll have to settle for something from Toys R Us on the way home. So we have the tooth, she tells me she's putting it in her tooth fairy pillow and kisses me goodnight. By the time her head hit the pillow I had forgotten all about the tooth fairy. Enter Jason and Molly, hysterical laughter (because this is a pretty regular occurrence at our house) and the comment "The Tooth Fairy SUCKS!" Gotta love teenagers. So I jump out of bed to be met by Kellie and her big eyes "Mom, does the tooth fairy only come if the tooth falls out on it's own?" AAHHHHH, no. Why don't you go potty and then we'll look to see if the money fell on the floor. Much laughter coming from teens in the hall because in my house the money always mysteriously appears on the floor after toothless child leaves the room. Even my husband was snickering and shaking his head at me. I suck. I really do. I told Kellie that the tooth fairy left her tooth because she was sure Kellie would want to show all the kids in her class the tooth that was pulled yesterday. And, why did the tooth stay in the pillow but the money fell on the floor? Well, ummm, the tooth was farther down inside and when her wings flapped as she flew away it must have blown the money right out of the pocket and onto the floor! Kellie - looking skeptical-"huh". I have told so many crazy lies to my kids to cover up why the tooth fairy didn't take the tooth that I am sure that I will be burning in Hell for all eternity. Who would have thought that it would be the tooth fairy that would bring me to ruin.

Monday, April 7, 2008

18 Years Today!

18 Years!!! Zowie! Some days it feels like 50 - other days...more like 49 :o) Just kidding. I'm not sure what shocks me more...the fact that I've been married this long, or that I have a 16 year old child! Then I look in the mirror and see the 15 pounds that I've gained, the subtle wrinkles, the hair color and think Oh yeah...I'm that old. I'm hoping to lose 10 pounds by Memorial Day.

Luckily, this is all that's left of my Easter basket

so as long as I don't buy or make any of my favorite junk food I should good. Now that my knee feels better I'm going to get back to walking Howard again. That really makes a difference. But, today is cold, rainy, and I have to take Kellie to the Dentist at 1 pm because her big teeth are coming in but the baby teeth don't want to leave. Not a pretty picture. I'm thinking this will not be good news for Miss Kel.

Mark has been buying all the old sitcoms for Kellie...The Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island, I Dream of Jeannie, Happy Days, and Emergency (which makes me laugh just to say it -- Oh, and he took Ryan to get Johnnie Gages autograph last weekend! HAHAHA -- That just kills me) Anyhoo, I have been begging and begging for him to buy Little House on the Prairie for weeks and weeks. He kept saying "ugh, little house on the prairie????" like that was some how more offensive than EMERGENCY!!!! Well, Little House on the Prairie was my all time favorite show when I was a kid. I even remember the time I was punished and couldn't watch it. My brother snuck a radio into my room and I had to listen to it. Not nearly as amazing an experience as actually watching Laura in action, but at least I didn't miss a single mind gripping, nail biting minute of it. So guess what...yesterday in honor of our anniversary today HE BOUGHT LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE SEASON 1!!! Hallelujah, hallelujah, hal laa lu ya! LOL. Seriously, I will be much to busy watching this today to do any cleaning or laundry. I hope I have time to make dinner since it is our anniversary and all, but you just never know what that Laura is going to get into so I can't make any promises.